Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'll agree with Dave Oliveria on this one

Huckleberries: http://www.spokesmanreview.com/blogs/hbo.

There was a reason Family Phil Corless of Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) was stumbling around his back yard in his flip-flops at 2:30 Easter morning. He was hiding 100 eggs and trying to give his two kids a wonderful Easter Sunday memory to wash away the one from the hunt gone wrong on the previous day.

It was probably the saddest description of grown up behavior on a day and an activity meant to give kids some fun and excitement. So no, I surely can not blame Dave Oliveria, some three days after the event, to describe at length the failure of grownups to act their age and to push ahead of their own kids trying to get these prize numbers and creating a riot of smashed plastic eggs and candy and creating some real trauma apparently for the children.

In the larger context of this sort of malapropos behavior; Coeur d'Alene is a Republican town in an overall Republican state. The people of Kootenai County like to pride themselves on "conservative" (read: religious) positions. So, I don't really think that they can blame the old left for the fiasco of the Easter egg hunt, not when in times past through letters especially written to the letters columns of the Coeur d'Alene Press (http://www.cdapress.com) spoke sanctimoniously about personal accountability. Which seemed to be in short supply at the Easter egg hunt. Or of "family values" which Family Phil Corless seemed to respect more for his own children than the other parents at the Easter egg hunt did for their own families.

Thus, to put a fine political point on this, parental greed and selfishness at the expense of their children may just be symptomatic of truly larger problems. A people who can be offended by abortion and exploit their children out of political opposition to the legal right of women to choose. Seem to delight to use children against their parents when it comes to jobs, education, and daycare. When it comes to their own kids and on a day meant for fun; can't be bothered putting their kids first. A people offended at the display of an anatomically correct "chocolate Jesus" and then try to make themselves "better" morally than the Muslims who would only "kill you" if you did that to their prophet. Well then, take a look at the personal behavior of the parentally challenged. That more truly defines where people stand on a lack of morality than all the offending displays that mock Christianity ever will. That Easter egg hunt was a true mockery of Christianity.

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