Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trudy Rubin writes good editorials

Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes good editorials, typically about Iraq. Very rarely do I find cause to disagree with her. Philadelphia Inquirer
is quite a major paper and should be a must go to just for what Ms. Rubin has to say in some very no-nonsense approaches. She has rarely been hysterical about Iraq.

Regarding her current editorial,she discusses the failure of GW Bush to engage in course correction when he finds himself making policy mistakes. Perhaps the people who read Ms. Rubin's recent editorial would like to take note of when former President Clinton changed his mind or made course corrections on foreign or domestic policy. He was accused of "waffling." So no, GW should never be accused of anything like that! mind you. But neither does he think out what his foreign policy should be before implementing it. And that is why it is entirely possible and justifiable to be a critic, especially of, GW's foreign and domestic policies. Ms. Rubin's editorial comes well recommended.

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