Friday, April 6, 2007

Well it is Good Friday

Far be it from the Spokesman-Review to actually publish something up-lifting for the day, instead we get Thomas Sowell, whining about the Democrats as usual.
  • The firing of federal prosecutors. Yes, Clinton had, yes preceding administrations had, yes GW, entering office in 2001, also had and again, last year.
What Sowell would rather not discuss, is one of two points: The GOP wised up after the last election and finally found a voice in better criticizing the administration as well as Gonzalez on the firing of the eight prosecutors.
The Democrats might not find cause to investigate but for the fact that Gonzalez didn't choose to be very truthful about the issue.
  • Iraq, Sowell whines that pork laden, time lines demanding funding bill for the U.S. Military sets us up for defeat.
Until 2007, a supine Republican Congress never bothered asking for accountability when it came to how "emergency funding" was being spent and to whom was getting the lion's share.
No, it wasn't the U.S. Military. As even Lou Dobbs had managed to point out, the no-bid private contractors not only lived high off the hog at taxpayers' expense but also couldn't seem to keep track of how they spent the money.
  • So, yes, GW threatened and whined and threw a tantrum and literally told Congress you obey my orders or else.
Apparently, that is just fine with Sowell.

But what GW could not seem to do, was tell the truth himself. Representative Murtha was on CNN and rebutted everything GW said about stop loss, and etc. This was going on when the GOP majority in Congress was writing GW a blank check. The failure to speedily repair or even up-armor the equipment, was a fact when Rumsfeld was still Defense Secretary. As Michael Goodwin even noted, GW shifted the blame for his own poor performance onto the Democrats. Goodwin might relish that, but still took time to recognize that even for GW this poses a great deal of risk. Yes, it does. For anyone with a long term memory and also recognizing that GW is also posturing, on the behalf of the GOP in 2008. But the failures in Iraq to date, are the product of his administration and having nothing to do with funding for the war. Since Mr. Sowell can't be persuaded to be critical even one time of GW and his obvious mishandling of the war. On 1 May 2003, GW declared victory. It was on the basis of Rumsfeld's time line of invasion, toppling the Hussein government and then reconstruction. Never mind that chaos is assured if there are no discernible diplomatic efforts and not enough troops to keep an entire country pacified. On 1 May 2003, GW Bush set this country up for defeat in Iraq. Long before the Democrats had gained power in Congress, this is the result of the Bush administration policies. This is why the Democrats gained power in Congress. Which Sowell has yet to wake up and realize the reality of it.

Iran, there is no question about Iran's nuclear ambitions. Without a doubt the Iranians would just love to have a nuke. However, since Congress has not set foreign policy, let us also take a look at the lack of criticism coming from the GOP over GW's failure to implement an effective foreign policy vis a vis Iran getting nuclear weapons. Every time GW has addressed Iran and the nuclear issue; he has moved his own goal posts on this issue repeatedly and kept redrawing lines in the sand. He has actually been unwilling to stand firm and has shown a propensity for continually backing down before Iran's government. When the Iranian Revolutionary Guard kidnapped 15 British sailors and Marines in what would appear to have been Iraqi waters, inspecting a merchant ship for potential smuggled goods, GW showed us some symbolic prowess, but even he couldn't see fit to send those planes off those carriers on a bombing run in Iran.
Iran had engaged in war-like provocation and GW continued to show every sign of weakness in the face of it. Must really tell you how little he regards the serious threat of Iran or how little he regards the value of allies. So, let's blame the Democrats! LOL!

By the way, cut off funding and the troops do not have the logistic supplies to keep fighting. Nor can they be allowed to stay in harm's way without food, bullets and armor. GW still wants cannon fodder, and military families paying the heaviest price for a war that boosts GW's ego.