Monday, May 21, 2007

Hospital Episode shows Ill Judgment

Elizabeth Sullivan wrote this particular editorial that describes former Justice Dept. Deputy AG James Comey testimony to the House Judiciary Committee. Given that it is now a few days old, will probably be found in archives of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Comey's testimony of how he tried to put a stop to Andrew Card and Alberto Gonzalez trying to exploit AG Ashcroft's sick bed status in order to continue what was recognized as an illegal wiretapping program.

This program, was instituted after 9/11/2001 and has affected American citizens.

Elizabeth Sullivan also describes the fact that GW Bush promoted the people who tried to strong-arm Ashcroft into signing off on the continuation of the program. Alberto Gonzalez became the next AG after Ashcroft resigned in 2004. Ms. Sullivan describes a "Saturday Night Massacre" in which a number of top government officials thought heavily about resigning following the hospital episode. Including Robert Mueller of the FBI. Ms. Sullivan describes blind loyalty to GW Bush, so much so that the individuals working for him will engage in any wrong-doing on his behalf.

What Ms. Sullivan does not do, is express her outrage. That is, the sort of outrage that is brought about by the sort of wrongful behavior of the magnitude that GW's administration continually produced. Either bordering on the unethical to crossing the line into the utterly illegal. The sort of outrage that would then call for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings as a result of Comey's testimony.

Without such pressures from either the news media or the general public, wouldn't Comey simply have been flapping his gums in the wind before the House Judiciary Committee?


GW Bush didn't like the fact that British reporters had little use for Tony Blair soon to step down from his Prime Minister's position in June. GW's problem? The news media here has given him an undeserved free pass. If GW actually had a better appreciation for the role of the press, people at CNN or Fox News would gladly tap dance on his political grave as well. GW dug that one himself, especially after Katrina.


And a word about Michael Barone. He holds the opinion that the youth group doesn't exactly vote for GW. No, I'm sure they don't. He also holds the opinion that the young people of today lack any real understanding of the threats we face as a nation. In short, they were all born after 9/11/2001. And thus, today's youth lack the necessary "gravity" of their views and their votes.

What Barone does not take into consideration is what our young people have grown up with. Jerry Falwell attacking the Teletubbies (a children's show) as having a "gay" teletubby in their ranks. Another hellfire and brimstone preacher attacking "Barney" the dinosaur as some anti-Christian creature. Only Christ can do for the young what a children's show can not do. Santa Claus on the devil made me do it list. Our educational system a war zone between "secular humanists" and the religious new left. The young people themselves a war zone between a lack of "family values" in their families and those who wish to by law, impose it on them. And, what Lou Dobbs has also harped on a lot, jobs outsourcing, are the young people of today really guaranteed good jobs that pay fairly well? Where by they would be willing to put their Social Security on the stock market? Leave it to Barone to fail to take all that and more into consideration. If anything, Barone's harangues lack gravity.

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