Friday, June 1, 2007

There is no question Bersia will look fondly.

If Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and etc. had just shown the foresight on terrorism that GW Bush had. We might not have confronted 9/11/2001. The problem with Bersia's historical portrayal of Bush (43) is that GW never showed any foresight on terrorism. Indeed, GW was a man arguing domestic policies first and opposed to anything that might smack of nation building. From what I watched as to television news, GW was longer on haranguing Bill Clinton, stem cell research, putting an end to SALT 2, refusing to sign onto Kyoto because of how it would harm the bottom line of the business interests that bought his office for him. Throwing taxpayers' funding to "faith based" organizations and deeming that people should get married first before going on welfare. This is what we knew of GW's policies.

What was also known, his administration dragged their heels when it came to recognizing the terrorist threat pre-9/11/2001. Including the fact (New York Times, etc.) that counter-terrorism funding had been cut. Why would a man with this much vaunted "foresight" that Bersia claims GW has, allow his Justice Dept. to cut counter-terrorism funds? Post 9/11/2001 and before the 9/11 Commission, claim that a recent PDB regarding Osama bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States was "historical," re Condi Rice. Ashcroft blamed the Clinton administration for not prepping him enough on the real threat of terrorism. See the above, Ashcroft did in fact cut the counter-terrorism funding for programs that his predecessor had indeed set in place. And it was not as though the U.S.S. Cole incident was so little known that it couldn't have made the home town papers across the nation. To put it bluntly, had GW not been so willing to cut and gut everything that Clinton had set up, out of sheer hatred of his predecessor, there is a good possibility that 9/11/2001 might actually have been thwarted. Post 9/11/2001, GW and Co. spent more of their "foresight" covering their behinds than they ever did on Afghanistan and ultimately, Iraq. Sorry, John C. Bersia, even Clinton with his Monica problem showed far more foresight on terrorism.

So, an editorial in which Bersia admits to "concerns" about GW's conduct of foreign policy with respect to the war in Iraq and yet goes on to say that history will look favorably on him as president... This is the internet, there are hardcover books, history will have the benefit of looking at far more than Bersia's tunnel vision.

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