Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Among other things

Chuck Raasch offered a rare but valid assessment about the war in Iraq, global warming, terrorism and etc. It can be read in U.S.A. Today and has also been republished in the Spokesman-Review.

Dave Oliveria ustabe a Hagadone employee. I used to be a Hagadone employee. Yes, Duane Hagadone did a great deal in redeveloping the lake front to clean it up. The Published (Spokesman-Review) Huckleberries provides this and a quite a long list of Hagadone accomplishments. However, Oliveria like myself and other ustabe Hagadone employees have just as long a list of grievances against the fellow. Oliveria got "cute" apparently at his old job with Hagadone News Services and got fired. Myself, carpal tunnel syndrome after almost 18 years of washing dishes, no promotions, after a while, no pay raises, lost hours and even heftier insurance payments being taken out of my paycheck. I couldn't even begin to pay my bills. I sure couldn't afford to continue to work there. Hagadone's big boats. Hagadone's even bigger mansion. Hagadone might actually have found good cause to get rid of Dave O. a long time ago. But since that time he has become both greedy and self indulgent. That does tend to counter his initial "good" acts.

Then, in the Coeur d'Alene Press letters and opinion pages, this irrational view of the world from Jane Arnoldi. Ever hear of comparing apples and oranges? Ever hear of making truly off the wall comparisons about subjects that have no distinct relationship with one another? Prosecutor Bill Douglas got caught up in an e-mail scandal. It may indeed play a role in his suddenly deciding that a reformed addict who once did time can do time again. What has that to do with former President Bill Clinton taking a whack at Al Qaeda in the Sudan and being ridiculed for it by both the news media and the GOP? Not a thing. Arnoldi made the comparison. Arnoldi managed to make quite a fool of herself when she did.