Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just how concerned is GW about Homeland Security?

On CNN, "Lou Dobbs Tonight" reveals that the Bush administration has been slashing homeland security funds for Arizona since 2004. Would that be because Arizona passed tough anti-illegal immigration laws? Would it be because Arizona, a Republican state should be penalized for opposing illegal immigration? On a previous post, I took note of the fact that GW pushes for exploitable illegal immigrants as "guest workers" never mind how nationally insecure we would be if some of those "guest workers" could easily turn out to be terrorists.

Arizona is declared a point of entry vulnerable to terrorist infiltration and a potential terrorist target, one reason, its massive dam. NIE having been released to the public and revealed on CNN, Al Qaeda has regained its early (2001) strength and is picking up speed in trying to insert terrorists into this country prepretory to an attack. Michael Chertoff made public that attacks from Al Qaeda are "imminent." So, why is GW slashing counter terrorism funds to Arizona, anyway?

For that matter, why would the Bush administration reveal the name of a CIA agent, Valerie Plame Wilson to the public at large?

Why would GW and Dick Cheney be more interested in protecting their own asses in excessive secrecy even as they show a real lack of concern for the American populace?


The latest food scare coming out of China: Dumplings made with cardboard fillers. Because they weren't "shipped out of country" the FDA doesn't feel it needs to take action. Well now, the FDA hasn't been "taking action" on products coming to this country from China. Since the FDA only inspects 1% or less of all foreign made products. No, I wouldn't care to buy cardboard flavored dumplings off the shelf anytime soon. And yes, the FDA had best get cracking before Al Qaeda follows China's example. The next time, it wouldn't be pet food or toothpaste.

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