Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The latest reports

Karl Rove is quitting. What will GW do without him?

Very odd juxtaposition. William Kristol of "The Weekly Standard" shows up on, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Gives plenty of kudos about Rove and neglects to mention just how nasty Rove could be to anyone of the political opposition. Thought I might add here, Rove failed to work his magic in 2006 and keep the Dems in a minority for one reason. Myself. I threw Rove's dirty tricks back in the direction of the party he was trying to keep in power. As well as the news media who were slavish in how to treat "the party in power." The internet is a very good thing when undermining GW's brain. Rove quits because he is no longer useful to an administration very much on its last legs.

As for the juxtaposition, Kristol also extolled the virtues of how well the surge was working in Iraq and specifically mentioned Al Anbar province. Okay, Associated Press news release republished in the Spokesman-Review, 13 August 2007. It regards Italian arms dealers shipping Russian made weapons to Iraq with the full compliance of member of the Iraqi government. The same government that seems hell bent on undermining what GW looks at as "progress" and "winning" in Iraq while accepting the protection of the U.S. presence in Iraq.

The argument is no longer about military successes but rather political and diplomatic failures. Surely a plug could be pulled here without being called cowardly or treasonous.

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