Saturday, September 29, 2007

Interesting polls

Found in the Spokesman-Review on line for 29 September 2007: (

Polls showing that the American public have a lower opinion of Republicans than they do of the Democrats. Not so long ago, CNN had trotted out a poll regarding Congress that had that legislative body being held lower in the polls than GW himself. The Republicans and CNN held the view that this was a problem for the Democrats. Well, the Democrats are barely in the majority and the GOP are as much a part of the legislative body that the public polled held in such low opinion. Since the weeks old poll was trotted out, the AP poll showed that the voters currently favor the Democrats over Republicans over issues near and dear to their hearts; including terrorism. Doesn't sound like from here that the Dems have a problem.

So, included in the article, the GOP hang their hats on a Hilary Clinton Democratic nod. The only way, so the GOP in the article opined that they could ever rewin control of Congress. The votes haven't happened. And while national polls put Hilary Clinton in the front runner's seat now, it takes the primaries to determine who will be the nominee. Gov. Dean was the front runner long before the primaries opened. So? Ever hear of counting the eggs long before they hatch? The GOP making their hopes of a Hilary Clinton presidential nomination so public, when the public is already sour on the GOP now, it is up to the public whether Clinton will get the Democratic nomination or not. Maybe the public doesn't want another polarizing figure after GW.

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