Monday, October 22, 2007

At times too generous

In this editorial, I'll part company with Leonard Pitts, jr. He defends a car dealer who runs bilingual ads finds fault with the people calling the car dealer on the phone and spewing hate and has a problem with the presidential wannabes using illegal aliens as some kind of political leverage to get themselves elected. Plus, so Mr. Pitts argues by implication, that some sort of ignorance must lie behind illegal immigration on the basis of we fear they are all terrorists, circa 9/11/2001. Actually, the illegal immigration problem isn't so simple or superficial.

  1. Exploitable cheap labor.
  2. Criminal gangs.
  3. Illegal aliens come here on an economic basis (no problem there) and don't plan to be American (that can be a problem). How about work visas (without the politics and the corruption)?
  4. The politics of GW's open borders policy. We'd rather keep a good flow of exploitable labor coming into this country because we don't care to invest in an American work force.
  5. The consequences of GW's open borders policy. It allows criminal gangs to flourish in this country, it keeps this country vulnerable to terrorist attack.
  6. There is actually nothing wrong with aliens coming here legally, even on an economic basis, becoming taxpaying Americans and contributing to this society.
  7. There is something wrong with the politics of inviting such aliens in at the expense of the American citizenry and taxpayers.
  8. About the only people who truly stand to benefit are those corporations or businesses that don't like to hire an American work force.
It doesn't bother me if a car dealer wants to run bi-lingual ads and improve his car sales. I'll assume that the majority of the Hispanic car buyers are in fact American even if Spanish speaking (or variants thereof). That they'll buy the guy's cars and pay the necessary taxes having legitimate addresses and drivers licenses. The illegal alien who is here for the job is also the guy who sends his paycheck back to his country of origin. So, he is hardly as likely to buy a car from a fellow who runs bi-lingual ads.

Leonard Pitts works for the Miami Herold.

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