Sunday, October 14, 2007

In the letters

Edward H. Buchmann jr. did a lot of screeching and wailing like a stuck pig when a Nick Anderson cartoon came out depicting the statue of Liberty that now supporting torture. I'll make the assumption the fellow doesn't bother reading anything but the sports pages and then goes on to blather sheer nonsense when it comes to defending a person who can not be defended, GW Bush. What if some child or some family were held hostage? That terrorists hoped to gain political or financial leverage over a politician, business man, etc. by using his family against him? A member of that terrorist group is captured and tortured, but he is trained to provide only false information under stress. Somehow, word gets out that Ahmed so and so got captured and was allegedly tortured. When the politician next sees his family, they shows signs of having been thoroughly tortured before being executed. In the case of Islamic terrorism, torturing them does more to play into their hands and justifies their criminal behavior than it teaches them to become a civilized and peaceful people. That's what ignorance gets you. Letters to the Roundtable, the Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Washington.

In any case, Buchmann missed a few people in his line up of baddies that GW should never be equated with: various Roman Catholic popes who loved the idea of torturing and executing "witches and heretics." He missed the Puritans at the founding of the American colonies, that in the name of God, did the same thing. So, next to wholesale torturing of the masses, GW's "rendition program" that selectively targets often innocent people and who's "aggressive questions" by the CIA or whoever at a black site that sometimes kills the person "questioned" is an afternoon tea party next to say, the Salem witch trials. In accordance with treaties signed by this nation, it is still against the law. And where we set aside the law and become no different in our conduct from that of the terrorist enemy, where then is our moral high ground?

Paul Warden demonstrates the other side of ignorance when it comes to his diatribe about illegal aliens and how they have been "persecuted" at their place of work. Well now, until a matter of months ago, GW pushed open borders and encouraged lax enforcement of immigration policies. Why? He said it publicly at the time, that illegal aliens will do the work Americans won't do. Translation: Americans won't work at wages given to illegal aliens. GW has been an open border advocate before 9/11/2001 and has continued to be an open border advocate 6 years after 9/11/2001. Even though his open borders policies made 9/11/2001 more possible as he created real vulnerabilities for this nation to terrorist threat by way of his open borders policies. Yes, the statue of Liberty does say, "Bring me your tired, your poor, the huddled masses yearning to breath free..." But that was when, 19th century, Democracy as fully being realized in this country was a bright promise to immigrants wanting that American dream and not, at the same time, preparing to blow up the landmarks on American soil.

Until we are truly secure from ideological extremism that is truly prone to violence; we do need to secure our ports and borders. --Banquet pot pies, put out by ConAgra foods, the pot pies are now being massively recalled because of Salmonella. A decade ago, when the work force was more American, we weren't pulling foods off the shelves as fast as we stocked them because of food borne illnesses added to the processed food at the time of its shipment to the grocery store and then to your plate. But then, it was still possible to regulate for food safety. Food borne illnesses were relatively scarce, affecting this restaurant, that fast food franchise, sometimes a bad shipment of food that had not been carefully inspected before it left the plant. But since GW and his pro-business interest policies, we are seeing too much risk at getting our food from a grocery store.

Mr. Warden should wake up and think about what concerns his fellow Americans.

Americans would indeed work at truly arduous tasks if it meant they could truly trust the food they ship out the door and then put on the table of their neighbor. On the other hand, why would the illegal alien care? He wants the money.

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