Sunday, October 7, 2007

When opinions are found all over the map.

CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" also has "The Week" that runs on Saturday and Sunday. Basically a recap of reports and opinions featured on the show from Monday through Friday. Given my work schedule, seeing a lot of Dobbs isn't in the cards. So, watching, "The Week" I was struck by a featured political analyst telling Kitty Pilgrim that the GOP happened to be disintegrating... Well now, according to David Broder, the GOP have a lot to look forward to in 2008 according to a fellow by the name of Cole. Which is it? What I can tell is that Broder still has problems questioning the GOP spin machine even in the face of terrible polls.

Alan Greenspan visits the "Situation Room" and informs us of how good an open borders is for the economy. Manufacturing job losses because of these same open borders continues apace. But at least a CNN talking head did acknowledge in a panel setting that GW could actually be questioned as to his assertions on job creations. Not catching all of it but jobs outsourcing was deemed essential because goods could be produced more cheaply. Well, I hate to have to drag a talking head of that sort into any retail store or have him shop on-line. Just because anti-reg and anti-union businesses find it cheaper to put manufacturing of anything overseas and exploit foreign labor, doesn't mean it is "cheaper" once it hits the stores in this country. It is about the same price as if Americans had produced it. It is only cheaper where sold in the countries where it was initially produced. As confirmed by a customer in the store where I work. Seems she had a daughter who visited the Phillipines and brought back school clothes that she could buy for pennies on the dollar. The same can't be said in the U.S. of A. where the same sort of school clothes, produced by cheap labor in the Phillipines, run 3 times as much in price if found in department stores here. The savings are not passed on to the customer, so how is that open borders policy good for the economy?

I thought I might buy Greenspan's book, I am now having second thoughts.

Back to Broder, a disentegrating economy where the same CNN panel acknowledged that recessions were happening in various states, including downturns in construction... The GOP wants back in power very badly, I shouldn't doubt. But a nationwide recession that looms between 07 and 08, with an obstreperous prez as the head of the party, it can't look good. If people vote in 08, they may well redo in November what they did in 06, remind the GOP what it means when the wallet is detrimentally affected. Recessions are more likely to afflict a party opposed to showing compassion for the poor than those who see government as truly taking care of the common welfare. Well, the GOP currently have a minority status for a reason. They could also suffer bigger losses in the future.

Under the circumstances, and if I were a journalist, I'd question the GOP spin machine and reasons for optimism.

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