Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You have to wonder where Ramirez was...

Ramirez routinely gets republished in the Spokesman-Review. About the only time the S-R readership gets to see any of his work is when he takes particularly nasty cracks at people with whom he presumably ideologically disagrees. However, I have actually seen Ramirez take nasty cracks at just about anyone. His latest, Christ Matthews. Why, apparently Matthews had something nasty to say about GW. Around 10 years ago as the news media covered the Clinton and Monica show 24/7, Chris Matthews was most certainly at his screwball best salivating at the opportunity to see a president go down in flames and be removed from office for having extramarital affairs. Without a doubt, Matthews was as disappointed as any other member of the news media when it didn't happen. Since that time, the news media has given GW the velvet glove treatment even when GW blatantly stood in front of them and engaged in federal level criminal behavior. And we are not talking about Iraq now, but warrantless wiretapping in which unsuspecting Americans are accused of colaborating with terrorists just because they make an overseas telephone call. Or, deciding to detain Americans without charges indefinitely by identifying them instead as "enemy combatants." Of deciding that the U.S. Constitution can be superceded anytime a president desires to do so. Instead of that president abiding by his oath of office. Books could be written on GW's criminality. But how many people would be as likely to read them as watch Matthews finally acknowledge that GW has crossed the line.

Instead of Ramirez taking GW's history as president into account, he attacks the messenger. So, what was it about? I'll gather that something surfaced about GW and the WMD that we did not find in Iraq. Most certainly, it was posted on blog (Huckleberries on-line--Spokesman-Review) and discussed rather heatedly. GW had used Hussein's WMD threat (Chemical, Biological and Nuclear) as an excuse to invade. The problem GW had was publicly obsessing about it for months on end. If, and it is a big IF, Hussein did have such stockpiles, GW's very public blabbermouth gave Hussein upteen opportunities to move his stockpiles. In the prelude to the invasion, Fox TV showed us a stunning array of military equipment. Considering that we aren't the only ones who can "tune in" Russia could provide Hussein with anti-missile equipment in time to throw off some of the munitions we tossed in his direction. And given the invasion itself, with 24/7 coverage of "our glorious army" as it swept into Iraq, it gave any person familiar with the landscape time to assess where they could set up ambushes and what could be regarded as the weak links in the military supply chains. As we made public that we could pay for Iraqi reconstruction with Iraqi oil, Iraqi oil supplies came under attack. In an era of instant and world wide communications, the less said the better, if you want to win a war against the Butcher of Baghdad. However, GW's ego got in the way and that is why we have a mess in Iraq.

It is too bad that Matthews couldn't have opened his mouth a few years sooner. GW's blabbermouth puts him next door to aiding the enemy, ref Iraq.
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