Monday, November 12, 2007

Huckleberries on-line has a lighter side

OrangeTV posts to Dave Oliveria's Spokesman-Review blogs and typically gives run downs on places to go to and where to eat. Wish I could respond to most of his posts. I haven't eaten at most of those places that he mentions and therefore wouldn't have a necessary response.

Seems he didn't like the cutesy name of Pizza Shmizza, a new pizza restaurant that opened up in the Riverstone Mall. Well, my reaction is, that pizza restaurants come and go from Coeur d'Alene Idaho and Kootenai county on a regular basis so that about the only has stayed here longer than 2 decades Pizza Hut has been around since I was a teenager. Will I likely get down to Northwest Blvd off Sherman Ave. any time in the future? No. Because there are Pizza joints (the fast take and bake types like Valentino's) that can be found at the malls where I live. And yeah, Pizza Hut. And unquestionably, a cutesy name for its time.

Otherwise, let's hope that Pizza Shmizza makes a go of it despite the name that has OrangeTV gagging.

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