Saturday, November 10, 2007

Letters continued...

Steve Hintyesz has often demonstrated an unwillingness to recognize reality. He tells us about all those western nations now warming their relations with the U.S. as they have come to see the "rightness" of GW's cause. Oh? Actually, GW created the frosty relations with other nations to begin with especially over Iraq. If those nations did not come to heel over Iraq at the 2 year old boy's demand; well, he would just throw a big tantrum, make a fool of himself and go look for people he could bully into becoming a "coalition of the willing." Sure. Where today, our American forces have gotten the brunt of the injuries, serious injuries and war dead. Some coalition of the willing. Then too, because GW has only a few more months in office, those more "conservatively" led nations can probably make their peace with him while waiting to find out who his successor will be. For all practical purposes, they'll make their peace. What Hintyesz did not acknowledge however was that President Sarkozy had a stronger response to President Musharraf than GW can muster to date. About the best that anyone in GW's administration, esp. at the State Dept. can muster to date is that they are "concerned" about Musharraf proving what sort of dictator he is and they will "review" his military aid packet. As noted by Scheer (prior post) about a military certainly strong enough to go after ordinary citizens. But Musharraf can't find it within him to offer more than a tepid response to Al Qaeda setting up base camps in Pakistan. Which puts me in the position of arguing, GW should have done some reviewing of our relations with Pakistan from the get go. But I suspect that GW was all about taking care of businessmen first (Froma Harrop) and ended up making excuses for a guy who definitely is no ally and can be truly described as a harborer of terrorists. Hintyesz must not have read David Broder's shocked reaction to GW's "tepid" response to Musharraf. Sure, the western nations can for all practical purposes make peace with a country now in financial melt down dollar wise (Harrop). Because they have the stronger financial edge. But the people we truly need to depend on to help us win a war against Islamic extremism, well we can't. As Pakistan has proven. And Al Qaeda has also spread turbulence to other middle eastern nations that might otherwise be our allies. So to Steve Hintyesz letter, big deal.

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