Friday, November 9, 2007

Religious activism strikes again

Sighted: 2 different articles regarding religious activism. One is the lead story in the Spokesman-Review published edition of 9 November 2007 that followed a KREM 2 news story about how the Superior court of Washington state ruled in favor of pharmacists who don't wish to prescribe Plan B. the morning after pill because they think of it as an abortion pill. And the pharmacists who go on to hail such a decision as freedom of religion in the work place. Really! Looks more like freedom to engage in religious discrimination against the customer. You don't like the fact that the customer wishes to purchase Plan B. to protect herself from an unintended pregnancy and therefore as that Pharmacist refuse to respect your customer's right to make her own moral choices without you preaching and dictating to her.

If we could all employ that kind of thinking in our place of work, could myself as a Druid refuse to serve a customer (on religious grounds) who wore a cross? That's one thing the self-centered "religious" pharmacists never consider. What if they were on the other end of this kind of thinking and getting ill-served because of it? So, what ever happened to love thy neighbor and leaving all judgments to God?

Second: Found in Hucklberries on-line; an article about the Idaho state legislature wanting to "cure" the break down of the family by ending divorce and encouraging stay at home moms. Idaho is not a wealthy state for most of the jobs that are here. Where there are two parent families both parents need the jobs in order to put food on the table, a roof over their family's head, clothing, health care and insurance--or more. The Idaho state legislature isn't exactly working hard at assisting families with their financial woes. And financial woes are one of the main factors in divorce.

My opinion about that, the Idaho state legislature seems more than willing to cater to Idaho's religious activists. But, what they ultimately propose as law would probably and most likely cause more harm than good. A lot of fluff but one that does nothing substantial on the behalf of the family.

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