Monday, December 3, 2007

Joseph Duncan pleads guilty

Joseph Duncan put Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and all of Kootenai County on the map, CNN wise with the kidnapping of the Groene children, the killing of one of them after taking them across the border into Montana. He also killed the vast majority of the Groene family. Since his capture in Coeur d'Alene some months later, he went through all the motions of facing a local district court for the crimes that he committed and then went on to the federal court where it has taken more than two years before he finally pleaded guilty to 10 charges today. Monday, 3 December 2007. (Published on Huckleberries on-line, Spokesman-Review.) As also published, Duncan could easily get the death penalty for three of the charges.

Also found on Huckleberries on-line: Dan of the County, county clerk Dan English who is one of the few Democrats to hold office anywhere in the state of Idaho. Tells those who visit HBO with a fair degree of regularity what his son now serving in Iraq has faced even though the "surge is working" in some parts of the country. Seems as Mr. English reported on the message sent to him by his son, a major bridge was blown apart that was a major route for transporting goods and resupply to the U.S. Military. Mr. English also informed the readers that other infrastructure throughout the country also came under concerted attack. Apparently, and without the e-mails by the troops being sent to their families, we wouldn't know any of that.

So, GW and the GOP had long complained that the news media wouldn't publish positive news. Now "the surge is working" in parts of Iraq, such as around Baghdad. CNN's "This Week at War" gives us all the positive developments about the surge and the Dems who are prepared to recognize it, such as Rep. John Murtha. What CNN did not proceed to tell us, was that we are very much at war in Iraq and whacking a mole in Baghdad has not brought such attacks to a standstill elsewhere. The bridge up north, (location not specified but probably near Kurdish held territory) was hastily repaired in 72 hours. So, publishing such "positive news" means we neglect the fact that the troops are still very much in danger? Troop deaths and Iraqi civilian deaths have gone down in targeted areas. How about the rest of Iraq? English said that only the insurgents' lives were lost in this attack. Regardless, they have engaged in well planned out strategic assaults that can just as easily grind down a foreign army as numerous uses of IEDs, cut the infrastructure.

GW raising hell with the Congress over the idea that they'll only supply 50 billion as long as GW begins to withdraw the troops in earnest in 2008. GW once promised that when they (the Iraqis) stand up, we'll stand down. Positives from the surge working? The Iraqis are standing up. From the flip flops out of GW's mouth, but we won't stand down. Withholding the money will only endanger the troops. Either GW really does lie worse than the Devil or he suffers short term memory loss. Was that as a result of his drug and alcohol habits of his misspent youth? Positive reporting out of Iraq, the surge is working. But, GW wants to keep the war going for as long as possible. Question: is he afraid of something?

My take on the news, CNN as well as Fox News Channel did a lot of beating the drums of war, did a lot of describing the resulting carnage as GW and co. personally bumbled the aftermath of the invasion. But not as thoroughly as Bob Woodward and other writers would describe it. And for all the sanitizing that was given the war by the news media itself, the GOP still whined that news coverage wasn't "positive" enough. Which means what, that the news media goes Pravda on us by ignoring the fact that war still goes on in various parts of Iraq? Either it is positive news or it is no news. But even if the troop deaths drop to 20, injuries that require hospitalization become 10 a day. That hasn't changed the fact that the foe is far from laying down his arms. He is merely changing tactics, again.

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