Monday, December 10, 2007

Over the weekend...

News item: Gunmen attack a Missionary training center in Colorado and a New Life Ministry church in the same state. 4 dead, including one of the gunmen. A number injured. It actually isn't the first time that worshipers or parishioners in this country have been mowed down by the highly disturbed. It just doesn't happen very often so that it becomes front page news across the country. A tragedy, one that we could do without.

People really shouldn't have to fear wild eyed types invading their places of worship and killing at random. Will we ever know what the excuse was?


Letters in the Spokesman-Review; as it pertains to Police Chaplains in the Spokane Police Dept. having to remove crosses from their badges. Mike McCarty denounces the "atheist" Ideus for wanting those crosses removed and goes on to proclaim that this is a Christian nation. I'd only favor that opinion if the "Christian" nation didn't have a high crime rate, didn't express hatred of other people's opinions at the drop of a hat. Found on the S-R's "A Matter of Opinion" blog, the willingness of some posters to cry "Marxist" or "Socialist" as a denouncement of people who criticize the domestic policies by the government to favor corporations over that of the general public. A well documented decades old fact. Esp. true when no less than the judicial system regarded Corporations the same as persons. Wouldn't a "Christian" nation be kindler and gentler?

Of far greater worth, Jerry Malone who argued that Chaplains symbols could be far more inclusive. Stephanie Steinman who argued that government neutrality vis a vis religion was not an attack on any specific belief. But then again, the person she was responding to, Nancy McLaughlin, must view Christianity as the only religion that has a right to exist. Anything that would threaten it's symbolism is an attack on the belief itself. Well now, what does that say of the individual adherent? Esp. when they attach far greater importance to the symbols than the practice thereof. And going from there to Jeanette A. Murphy who gave quite a lesson on the founding fathers and what they wanted for this country.

Any time that people engage in political warfare over religion, they have a few problems to straighten out.


You can tell that David Broder is all set to elect Mitt Romney as the next president of the U.S. And that is by way of his overly gushing tone about Romney as republished in the Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Washington. I saw clips of Romney's religion speech and wasn't overly impressed by what he said. A Huckleberries on-line poll following the speech, among the multiple choice questions, "You are no Jack Kennedy." Mitt Romney wasn't about to keep his faith private and is just as prepared to wear it on his sleeve as does Mike Huckabee and before them, George W. Bush. Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution, anyone? --Sunday, 9 December 2007.

And on the 8th of December S-R opinion page; James Pinkerton wants to keep the paranoia regardes the Middle East on the front burner. That is despite the facts of the credit crunch, mortgage crisis, higher gasoline prices and as a consequence, higher food, etc. costs. Voters are facing economic disasters up-front and very personal. I expect they will be voting the pocket book the next time even over issues of terrorism. The presidential nominee who says all the right things on an economic level is most likely to get the electoral approval.

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