Monday, December 31, 2007

What the New Year brings

New Years' eve typically brings out a slew of resolutions. Found on the Front Page of the Spokesman-Review was Ms. Porky with a humongous plateful of goodies. Set Real Goals, so the ad blares in the print section of this paper. Isn't it wonderful that a newspaper would now tell you that buddy, you are too fat and here is what to do about it. Yes, a good percentage of the U.S. populace is too fact. But in most every case, they are the ones in control of what they eat and whether what they eat in what quantities will add on hundreds of pounds. If such people practiced all things in moderation, treating themselves to a greasy fast food burger and fries once a month and made most of their food from scratch utilizing the food pyramid, they probably would not in fact need "health foods" and diet "fads." I don't make New Year's resolutions. Then I don't suffer guilt if I find them difficult to keep.

So, here is something that I wouldn't mind as to seeing some local papers resolving to do in the next year:

  1. Source: Bill Moyer's Journal. Financially struggling newspapers want to buy up local TV and radio stations. With a loud and adamant "no" from the public at large. The question not asked, if these are financially struggling newspapers, how can they afford to "buy up" broadcasting of any sort in the local markets? Given the adamant opposition, how could they hope to stay financially afloat once they did so? I resolve, (so the corporate owners should be saying) to not antagonize those who ultimately give me my profits, those who "consume" my news.
  2. The Spokesman-Review republishes a lot of columns and editorials, some are thoughtful and some spin off into the Wild Blue Yonder. Michael Barone and his latest spin for Bush: Barone wildly cheers GW's "surge" in Iraq as though Iraq is now a paradise. Actually no. While violence against the civilian populace has indeed decreased, it hasn't stopped. While troop deaths have decreased, they haven't ceased dying either. What Barone neglected to mention, an Osama bin Laden tape that would still stir a mess o trouble in Iraq. Consider what fact Barone did manage to get right, the Sunnis who began working toward making life better for themselves and their neighbors. They started doing so without any active help or encouragement from GW foreign policies. Indeed, we had all the makings of a civil war because of GW's faith-based agenda. In Iraq, the generals never had any problem doing their jobs, but they had to keep refighting old battles because of GW's hit and miss policies for that region and combat zone. Since no one can expect Barone to give a more accurate assessment of GW's track record when it comes to fighting a war; the Spokesman-Review should resolve to publish less of his columns. We need a Barone diet of say once a year. Considering that he is published weekly in the U.S. News & World Report.
  3. Source: CNN, caught a few tidbits on "This Week at War" where the "surge" is winding down with GW's presidency. By the end of 2008, a hundred thousand troops are still expected to be in Iraq. But the commanding officers do not know when all of the troops will leave. See Barone. Which resolve should we have for this one? Rah, rah, siss, boom, bah that doesn't have an accurate reflection of the facts on the ground. If the troops leave instability is certain to return. Or turn to CNN that keeps reminding us that GW doesn't have a policy in place, or a useful strategy on the ground that would finally leave a sovereign nation to find its own future. If GW doesn't want to make such a resolution, then the voters should, since two days after the New Year effectively kicks off, campaign 'O8 effectively begins.
I invite comments on further resolutions.

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