Friday, January 11, 2008

Trudy Rubin

Trudy Rubin was republished in the 11 January 2008 edition of the Spokesman-Review. Her column also appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I actually do not disagree with Ms. Rubin and her opinion forms the basis of this latest blog post. Ms Rubin is not satisfied with high sounding words or phrases like "change" which won't work without a clear strategy or policy.

Reflecting back to 2004, Senator John Kerry went into debates with GW and proceeded to knock hell out of GW's pretenses at protecting this nation. Considering that GW didn't have a clear rebuttal and was already carrying impeachable baggage from his first four years in office; GW instead attacked and mocked his opponent and the news media was happy to help. 4 years later, and none of the candidates really want to discuss anything that is solid on policy or clear on strategy. Except on the GOP side where they want to follow in GW's footsteps and do him one better.

I can understand Ms. Rubin's frustrations. But it took anyone in the news media business to finally wake up and find out that GW never had a clear strategy or policy to begin with on any domestic or foreign policy issue unless it was to help the people who bought his office for him. But as to anything benefiting the country or spreading grandiose democratic schemes for the rest of the world, no GW never had a clue. But I would certainly suggest that Ms. Rubin bide her time. Only when we have some idea whom the presidential nominees are then we can demand something concrete from them.

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