Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally, something to appreciate about Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas for a change had an honest assessment of those he calls "conservatives." At least far more honest than he managed far earlier in his career. "Conservatives should grow up." The so-called "conservatives" have turned Ronald Reagan into the sort of mythic figure much like Christ in the bible. Which certainly argues that the "conservatives" haven't been paying much attention to history. Or for that matter, the bible. Ronald Reagan not only did lower taxes, he also raised them. While Ronald Reagan was all about government being the problem and not the solution; that was only an applied argument until American based businesses wanted protections from the free market. And yeah, Ronald Reagan was not that supportive of the anti-abortion positions of the religious activists. Cal Thomas is regularly published by the Tribune Media Services and was republished in the Spokesman-Review.

On to other matters: Watching CNN last night as the latest primary results came in and Barack Obama had a hell of a night getting all those primary wins ahead of Senator Clinton and now outpaces her in pledged delegates to put him in the clearly front runner status; John King was desperately spinning that Barack Obama won't have the delegates necessary to be nominated by the time of the Dem Convention. Even if he won the rest of the primaries and caucuses before the convention. Found in the papers, only the pledged delegates are expected to vote for the person who gained the popular votes in each primary and caucus. Where the Dems are concerned, the pledged delegates are proportioned as to vote counts in various congressional districts. The Super delegates can vote however they like. And Obama has already shown that he can carry a vote well beyond just that of the African-American that the super delegates could just surprise everyone in whom they ultimately support. Obama already has electability capabilities in what he has to say and what people like about him personally. Then of course, GW is also a massive ball and chain on any GOP who finally gets the presidential nod at his convention. So, a word to the wise of the Dem super delegates, I also saw a real brainiac among the GOP new left who just insists that Hillary must be the Dem nominee just so that he can have nightmares over a Hillary presidency. Why not give this doofus a peace of mind and simply get Obama elected to office.

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