Friday, February 1, 2008

Governors Gregior and Otter declare state of emergencies for...

Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho has been thoroughly plastered with accumulated feet of snow not seen since the 1990s. Letters today in the Spokesman-Review Roundtable seem to be bemoaning the fact that Mayor Verner of Spokane, Washington is ill prepared for dealing with this much snow in about one week at the end of January. Oh, I am sure. Dave Oliveria also blogging about the snow and discussing some very nice neighbors who helped him with his driveway.

Me, I am still very stiff and sore from a full day of shoveling snow off the driveway and then going around to the dog pen and shoveling enough snow away from the gate to where I can swing it open in order to get in and out with their feed and water. That was two feet of snow off the driveway, I took spells of shoveling a few feet at a time, then resting up to a half an hour, then going out and shoveling another few feet of snow... Then around 12 or so, the snow plow came up the street, swung around at the avenue crossing it and came plowing back, I was at that time, next to the road. I waited on him to pass by so that I could continue shoveling. But he stopped, backed up, extended his blade and helped shove back the berm he had made. Nice guy. Here I am, entering my mid 50s and finally discovering a nice snow plow driver. Kudos. Snow in the back yard, 5 feet or better. A poster to Dave Oliveria's HBO blog had it about right, this is the sort of winter we used to have around here. Then we had a decade in which the temps were simply way too warm, not enough snowfall, weatherman declarations of drought, higher likelihood of forest fires, etc. I can also suggest that such record snowfalls as we had in less than a month in 2008 will eliminate many of the problems that lack of winters in this part of the country for many years created. We are also facing the good possibility of more state of emergencies as a result of floods.

Only for people born in this area are record snows like this not new.

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