Monday, February 11, 2008

The latest on CNN, etc.

There were some interesting news items found on CNN today, a civilian Defense Dept. employee was among those investigated and arrested for selling secrets to Communist China. Uh huh, and the GW administration only had people such as Richard Perle giving open blessings to business interests and defense contractors openly taking their business and jobs to China. What's the diff? If China didn't get our trade secrets one way, through global trade, then they'd get it another way, through pirating and espionage. Late in the Bush administration we finally see some move by the Justice Dept. to apply a bandage to Cold War style spying by China. Why did it take them so long?

Putin's Russia is getting aggressive. Now some of their bombers passed very close to one of our aircraft carriers, the U.S.S. Nimitz out in the Pacific ocean. 4 F15s were scrambled to track the Russian bombers. The Pentagon expressed deep concern. Just how concerned is GW? Like Carter, he saw into this Russian's soul and felt he could do business with him. Right.

Even the GOP are finally bringing down what is left of GW's poll ratings. Says a lot when they express a weariness of his administration and would just like him to go away. Even so, GW applied an "I'll campaign one more time here" by giving a passing endorsement to McCain and then lying about his challenger. From Jack Cafferty on CNN, Obama had actually agreed with GW that if there was actionable intelligence as to the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden then troops would be sent there. Which GW then misconstrued as an attack on Pakistan. Really? GW also attacked his own policies vis a vis Pakistan then when he would certainly have sent in troops to Pakistan to hunt down bin Laden. Well, Musharraf hasn't delivered on the terrorist threat within his own borders, has he? GW can't stick to his guns here and keeps shifting positions on his principles. And of course, opening a dialog between an Obama presidency and the president of Iran, perhaps as some kind of means to settle the Iraq situation, becomes now an "embrace" of Ahmidinejad. And what has GW done in all of 8 years to put a closure on the flake of Iran, let alone another flake in N. Korea? Absolutely nothing. Isn't doing nothing about the people you call a real threat to world peace accomplishing more by giving them a credible standing with the rest of the world? Ranting about them but not negotiating nuclear and etc. treaties is effectively "embracing" them. GW as usual projecting his failures onto those who will succeed him.

Jack Cafferty asking the question of the hour when it came to Jeb Bush publicly endorsing McCain and GW speaking favorably of him. Most people who responded to that question had a thumbs down. One called it, "the kiss of death." My sentiments exactly.

Now a word to the soon to depart the national scene GW Bush. If you'd like to see the GOP nominee succeed you in office, DO SHUT UP. The less you are heard, the better for the party.

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