Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wha' wuzzat Liberal ya say?

Of course, if they aren't critics in the Clinton camp; then they must be Republican critics instead. The people, at least among the GOP who want the "liberal" charge to stick, drag down, and completely destroy the Senator Barack Obama campaign for the presidency. --Source CNN "Anderson Cooper 360*." Okay, this Republican will bite.

Liberal as defined: At some point we have to face the facts that taxes are a means of generating income to pay for such things as entitlements, education, reduced amounts of pollution, warfare and the Military forces required to fight in war, pork barrel projects, aiding financial banks such as Bear Stearns, protecting the profits of energy companies, financing trade deficits with China, outsourcing to foreign countries the production of tanks, tankers, various types of weaponry and etc. After all, the news media has made it plain that in all of the above, the taxpayer is footing the bill. The question is, at what point in time does the taxpayer foot the bill?

Pop quiz: who is most likely to pass off to the future generations tax increases to pay on but not off monumental deficits? Would that be Democrats or Republicans?

Liberal as defined: Having a tolerance toward anything that is destructive of moral values in this nation. Such as gays, pro-choicers, feminists, the ACLU, those who advocate that even porn shops have a right to operate, African-American pastors who slur Italians, white folk who slur everyone who doesn't think as they do, anti-abortionists who such as in the state of Idaho don't want laws in place that would track child deaths because of the "fear" that it would interfere with "parental rights," Rep. Bill Sali who votes most often against what would benefit the citizens of Idaho as a member of the U.S. Congress, I'll happily impeach a president for failing to uphold family values even as I don't support them in my own private conduct--Newt Gingrich, the late Helen Chenoweth-Hage, I'll defend the right of heterosexuals to marry even as I try to get male sex in an airport bathroom Senator Craig, etc.

Pop quiz: From what source would you get your "moral values" and would you actually be prepared to practice them?

Liberal as defined: being generous to a fault. Whereby Ann Coulter, Enron, Fox News, Pat Robertson, Rev. Haggee, oil companies, various business interests, global business interests, etc. are assured that either A. The government will be there for them in a pinch or B. They have the support of the U.S. Constitution no matter how awful or flaky the comments they make.

Pop quiz: Did you know that the U.S. Constitution is a document of liberal law?

Liberal as defined: Progressive or populist. Being prepared to change something in laws or about society, what is deemed problematic about the ethics or morals of society and laws that have an ultimately detrimental affect on the society as a whole. Putting an end to the witch trials during the Colonial period, putting an end to British rule of the colonies, putting an end to slavery, ending child labor in this country, abolition of hard liquor, war on drugs, war on terror, civil rights laws, opposition to abortion, the feminist movement, environmentalists, etc.

Pop quiz: what would make you an activist whereby you would want to change something about society?

Liberal as defined: Government can do it all. And who lines up for the more government is better? Christians, the wealthy, the business interests, the unions, the minorities, the American workforce, the elderly, the poor, the middle class, investors, banks, etc.

Pop quiz: If you expect a Social Security check when you retire, aren't you in fact asking something from government?

Yeah, sure GOP, Obama is as liberal as the rest of you most certainly are. :)

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