Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Checking out a news source

Housing crisis anyone? Well Washington Post News article referring to the Democratic led Congress at odds with GW over how to best deal with the housing crisis. Interesting read. Suddenly GW has his own proposals that reaches far fewer people, according to the article than Rep. Barney Frank's proposal would. And Dana Perino complains that Frank's proposal is "too rigid." Stay tuned. Then while checking out the link after typing and posting to the blog, Washington Post put up a new article for the 10th of April but covering much of the same ground as the one I had initially linked to. It is still an interesting read. We'll see how all this works out.


The fun and games at HBO continued another day with Clayton Cramer trying to defend what are after all political/religious positions. I quite frankly do not think the guy from Ada County quite expected all the flak he got from the commenters from around the 5 northern counties and the guys posting from Eastern Washington. A politico wannabe goes posting to blogs north of Ada County may have learned something in the last two days that if you go a-blogging you are definitely going to hear something you didn't expect. That maybe, just maybe we northerners here in Idaho have some different takes on issues that are routinely not seeing the light of day up in Boise. Cramer had what amounted to a "town hall meeting" and between the heckling, challenges and outright questions of his various positions may have just learned something from the folks who tend to get ignored. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind quite a few more politicians coming on board HBO or another blog that the Spokesman-Review set up just to cover any politician in Washington State and Idaho who wanted to chat live with the local citizens within the S-R's coverage.


Filed your taxes yet? I have. Actually getting a bigger refund this year than I had the year before. The IRS had said I screwed up something, but apparently, this time it was in my favor. I'll take it. Now about that tax rebate. Don't know that I actually got anything in the mail to suggest that I'll even get a rebate. Between my work at the "big box store," investments and small business; I did manage better than 10,000 dollars in income. According to what Congress passed as a law, you had to make at least 3,000 to qualify. Well then, I expect I qualify.


Looking at "The Weather Channel" every time I go on-line, the days are getting better as to dryer and warmer weather. I am already planning on going out to plow in my garden, that is, if I am not called to go to work. Sunny Saturday, supposed to get in the 60s. I can't wait.

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