Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wondering what to blog today

Visiting Huckleberries on-line and getting a chuckle over some of the things that Dave Oliveria had posted. Such as "TUBOB's" posting an Absolut Vodka ad map (ref above link) and the neo radical blogosphere lighting up with howling fury that Absolut Vodka would present how the Mexican citizenry or perhaps even the Mexican gvt might right now view the U.S. Some of us commenting on the post got the intended humor. And some of us could chide Michelle Malkin for what I can only describe as an increasingly racist attitude.

To put it bluntly, illegal aliens would not find much cause to come here if they weren't getting an open invitation from the following groups:

  • Unions. Who would love to add such migrant groups to their numbers.
  • Business interests headed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Illegals are cheaper to care for because the final cost for their care rests with the U.S. Taxpayer.
  • Democrats. Oh boy, if we can pander enough to the legal Hispanic community in this nation over the illegal immigration issue, we'll have a lock on their votes forever.
  • GOP. As long as we can keep the "free market" happy.
  • But what about violence on the border by drug cartels? Bush administration federal attorneys that will not prosecute any drug runner that ships into the country less that 500 pounds (?) of illegal drugs. --Source Lou Dobbs Tonight.
  • What about terrorists possibly crossing our open borders? Build a fence and former Gov. Ventura sez, that would be a repeat of the U.S.S.R.
  • What about drugs and guns flowing in both directions across the borders? News media: we would rather play endlessly what we think are the most crack-brained comments from Rev. Wright.
  • Aren't state and local gvts only overwhelmed by the tremendous problems created by illegal immigrants? The Roman Catholic church and business interests declare: Keep them coming.

Which makes this a very complicated issue to be sure.

It also made it possible to finally get to the root of what would make a conservative a conservative. As opposed to a wild-eyed radical. A conservative would say that the first interest of businesses to indeed stay in business is to do nothing that will hurt long term profits. From whom would business interests find their long term profits? The American consumer of course. Who is also the American workforce. No paycheck, no buy the products produced by an illegal alien workforce. A conservative would tell such people to slow down and think through which will be the better benefits. The CEO who gains his "golden parachute" primarily because of the illegal alien workforce that he has hired? Or that the company can continue to produce goods and services for the long term solely because it hires the Americans who eventually make the money to buy those goods and services. By sharing the wealth initially, does it sustain the company's future. By sharing the wealth initially, does it make it more likely that other companies will also profit. A rabid radical is the person who has a twisted view of capitalism. Of the "free market" where one can simply drag industries, corporations and companies into the dust and expect to achieve personal wealth. Destroy enough of it that way then, and what good is the wealth?

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