Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ads and opinions

Dynamite 2Found on Huckleberries on-line: A Senator John McCain ad that asks the viewers whether they think yes or no, that it is quite acceptable for a potential president to actually sit down with foreign leaders who are hostile to this nation. Given that he is following in the foot steps of other presidents who worked with tyrants and flakes as long as they were our tyrants and flakes, well, the ad turns out to be a real bomb. Se it here.

In any case, no matter whether you agree with Senator McCain or not, push the button yes or no and it takes you to his ad and then invites you to the web site to sign up and even donate. Which is definitely an argument that the ad is misleading. If you agree with Obama and his willingness to engage in diplomacy, Senator McCain still wants you to sign up and donate. Wow...

On to other matters: Fred Hiatt informs us in his republished to the Spokesman-Review editorial "Report complicates 'Bush lied' mantra" Hiatt basically wants to explain away why GW took us into a war as, well, it was the intelligence estimates after all, over WMD, Hussein cooperating with terrorists, etc. And Hiatt even further playing up the fact that GOP were prepared to argue how the report had vindicated them. That's interesting. And Hiatt's verbiage leaves a lot out. Back in 2000, Wolf Blitzer did an interview with presidential candidate G.W. Bush. Who said at that time concerning Iraq, that Hussein creating a program of nuclear weapons and other WMD, and he was caught with such weapons, GW was quite prepared to go to war with him. I guess Hiatt, must have missed that. Which begs an interesting question, GW was so hot to go to war with Iraq in 2000, even before he would have known whether or not he would become president, but he states as an obvious goal to Blitzer that as president WMD would indeed be an excuse for a war with Iraq. Well then, what would follow as president, GW would likely come up with quite a number of excuses to take out the Iraqi gvt. Even to, as discovered on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" manipulating the intelligence estimates. The ones that as Hiatt finally admits to in his column, were so tragically wrong. — Also on Huckleberries on-line: It is disclosed that Dennis Kucinich wishes to deliver 35 articles of impeachment against both GW and Veep Cheney. With the usual comment critters blowing smoke that it is a "waste of time." The GOP wasted no time trying to drive Clinton out of office because of an intern, GW's own antics are a hundred times worse.


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