Monday, June 2, 2008

The GOP are bad but the Dems are worse

Cal Thomas was in the Spokesman-Review again whipping and flailing away at Dem promises that he argued they simply did not intend to keep, with reference to ending the war in Iraq, among other issues. Never mind that the GOP themselves were greatly responsible for why Iraq had become a war without end. Quite frankly, they were going to stand by their man, G.W. Thomas further opines that well the Dems continued to fund the war that they opposed. Never mind that G.W. himself used the welfare of the U.S. Military as a baseball bat against the Dem noggins. What Democrat wants to lose a bid for becoming a major player in Washington, D.C. after 8 years of G.W.? Of course it is going to be a matter of politics on the Dem side to shake in their shoes with all the GOP thunder and lightning going on, on the other hand, Thomas didn't choose to look very closely at what the GOP did not do as agents of change.

♥ Reduce spending.
♥ Make certain that the budgeted billions of dollars toward the Iraq war actually
assured the timely delivery of equipment that the troops would need to assure some degree of
safety in their battles with the enemy.
♥ Have an action plan for ending the war once it got started.
♥ Putting people first during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina instead of politics.
♥ Actually stand up to G.W. on principle when he was clearly in the wrong.

So, in what way were the GOP supposed to be "better" than the Dems.


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