Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Election takes

Cal Thomas started off on his usual rant about Senator Obama, indeed his (republished to the Spokesman-Review) column starts off with Obama not being the second coming. If Mr. Thomas is that quick to deride and dismiss Obama's soaring rhetoric, I expect it is also because Senator John McCain's own rhetoric stumbles so heavily that he becomes a joke. If anything, a worse joke than GW. In any of the columns that I read, Mr. Thomas' latest is probably the first time he ever mentioned "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart;" and only because Stewart had mocked Obama for visiting the birthplace of Christ, Bethleham where he was born. But, Thomas did not see fit to note how often Stewart had also mocked John McCain. Well now, that would be because Jon Stewart is an equal opportunity mocker of all things political, no matter what party. And an equal opportunist when it comes to playing games with Main Stream Media. It doesn't matter whom he lampoons. Which brings me to a last night "Daily Show" where Stewart hosted author Bill Bishop who says that any more, this nation divides along lifestyle lines. People, when they vote, vote according to the idea that the candidate is "just like me." Which makes it interesting that this nation would vote for doofus GW twice given the wrack and ruin he brought to the U.S. over two terms. We actually have a 51% majority who'd gleefully engage in ruining the nation's economy, wreaking the U.S. Constitution, be more than willing to spy on their neighbors based solely on a suspicion that their neighbors were terrorists? No, make that some 20 odd percent that probably still would. The rest were lied to. But where was GW ever like anyone else in the U.S?

Too bad that CNN didn't have Bishop touting his book "The Big Sort" on "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer." It just might be that Bishop would have easily answered a Jack Cafferty question about why Obama wasn't doing better in the polls. Because Obama actually doesn't fit into anybody's idea of a lifestyle category perhaps. But the fact that he is ahead in most polls, no doubt also suggests that people have become increasingly tired of GW and the obstructionist GOP. Oh, and by the way, the latest major scandal involving the GOP is Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska indicted now on various corruption charges. Just what Senator McCain needs in an election year, right? He only shared Senate chambers with Stevens, and you can be sure the GOP taint will be hard to wash off.

And finally, Les Payne a columnist for Newsday gets republished in the Spokesman-Review, Wednesday, 30 July 2008. He details that McCain reallly isn't all that he is cracked up to be and likely padded his resume a bit more thoroughly than can even be claimed about Obama. Seems Payne did some checking of his military career. McCain did not graduate at the top of his class. That his own military career is actually more comparable to that of GW who had himself, a hard time even learning how to fly an Air National Guard jet. And McCain as "cocky fighter pilot" had his own comparisons to GW according to Les Payne's column. But that "cocky fighter pilots" did not make it to commanders, IE wing commanders. Reading Payne's column through, it is a thoroughly damning indictment of what makes McCain not qualified to be Commander in Chief. A fellow who, like GW could too easily be the butt of late night jokes. Whom we can all laugh at if only to not end up crying.

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