Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Senator McCain's message problem

I had watched CNN for a while yesterday and watched McCain spouting off his "economic platform" how much it differed from that of Obama's and even further, how much Obama's own platform of "raising taxes" would surely damage a fragile economy. Over the last 8 years of the GW presidency, the economy has been damaged and that was with those low taxes that McCain is now touting. On Tuesday night, there was a re-run of "The Daily Show with John Stewart." Ted Koppel was featured and at one point discussed the disasters of the economy including what was wrought as a consequence of low taxes. I thought that was very appropriate to show that re-run on the same night as a CNN broadcast of a recent McCain speech. A further update, McCain spouting off much the same line today, that if we increase jobs in this country—after 8 years of continuous job losses. Froma Harrop republished to the Spokesman-Review discussing what to do about illegal immigration—which is among the reasons why Americans have lost jobs in this nation to date. If not outsourcing of jobs to foreign nations. Medicare and Social Security "reform"—of the former that GW initiated to greatly assist business interests. Of the latter, GW would have initiated to benefit, the business interests. What "reforms" would McCain have initiated? He didn't exactly say. Which puts his speech into the "pie in the sky" category.

Then a Senator Obama ad that targets McCain and responds immediately to an RNC ad; McCain whining that Obama "is the first to go negative." I believe that any candidate has the right to not only argue the issues in an ad, but also to respond to those who attack him. McCain regards it as "personal" that Obama responds on the issues? Well, for the first time, CNN took note that the RNC had put out an attack ad and were prepared to make plain that McCain could only make his case about Obama only if and only if the RNC ad was discounted. McCain sounds like he needs a liberal hug of approval. He sure won't get one from me. McCain wants the presidency so bad, but he whines about the competition. Get a life. This is a democracy after all.

And then found in AMOO a particular chart.

Yes, this chart was produced by a "liberal think tank" according to the published blog post at A Matter of Opinion. But it does take note of the difference between "economic expansion" and corporate profits. Over the last 8 years, the GW administration has deliberately confused "economic expansion" with corporate profits. And so has Senator McCain. Tax corporate profits, and we are certain to damage economic expansion and cause a loss of jobs. But when corporate profits were indeed taxed at low rates, economic expansion: IE job creation, and only if you count it jobs outsourcing to foreign nations plus the hiring of cheap illegal alien labor that GW thoroughly supported during his two term presidency. Net result, job losses for American citizens. Net result, the economy did not expand in real terms. Net result, businesses suffered as a consequence of Americans losing their jobs.

Between "The Daily Show" and what got published at the Spokesman-Review, a solid rebuttal of McCain and what he proposes as president. —CNN, McCain is still struggling to find a message. —CNN, Obama has stayed consistently on message. 8 July 2008.

I finally got to this blog only after spending the day putting together my big green house. I got in some new plastic sheeting from FarmTek. It took me a while to puzzle out the broke down (for the purposes of moving from the old address) green house and set it back up. Once the frame was in place, then move it to its spot, set up my tomatoes, eggplants and peppers onto boards and plant stands that I installed, then I put on the plastic sheeting. As the days get colder, I do have the old cover for the green house and will cover the green house with it. A double cover to protect the plants from early frost. To grow a winter garden, including tomatoes and cukes.


Dogwalkmusings said...

After analyzing the news and writing comprehensive posts about it I'm glad to know you have activities to get your mind off it! Happy gardening!

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

Yeah, I do the Kootenai County Farmer's Market. If you have ever been down to 95 and Prairie Ave. on a Saturday morning, I have been there and set up and waiting for customers. That is my private business. My tomatoes were planted late, in May. But they caught up sufficiently with mom's that they are blooming, although a week or so after her own. So, when it comes to Sept. and I need for my stuff to ripen, then the second cover will get put on. No doubt with difficulty, but it will be put on.