Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where it concerns Georgia

First leading off with Kathleen Parker, who for a change is dead on in her criticism of GW. In her "Peek inside Putin's mail box." But then goes off into a wild and derisive tangent about Obama, who's initial response to Russia's invasion of Georgia was initially measured, but was most certainly in no way resembling what Ms. Parker claimed in her fictional editorial that he wrote. His second response was certainly as stern as that of McCain. afterwards, Parker really goes wild with the claim that McCain would make the argument to Putin, don't make me come over there... With what? That would be declared an empty bluff. And we already know how Putin proceeded to shrug off everything else that the U.S. gvt started making "tough statements" about. If not (The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer) turning around and attacking the U.S. on a foreign policy level vis a vis Georgia. Which makes the argument that you have to wonder just how much of the news does Ms. Parker pay attention to before she vents.

I have to disagree with Jack Cafferty, south Ossetia was part of Georgia's territory before pro-Russian gvt residents decided they wanted to take a sizable chunk out of Georgia and make it an "independent" state. What Georgia's gvt then tried to do to regain control of the breakaway "republic" became Moscow's excuse to kill thousands of mostly innocent civilians. No, Georgia did not start it. The pro-Russian peoples of South Ossetia did. To which Putin had given his blessings. Given the oil wealth that Russia has accumulated, Putin has rebuilt his country to the point that he can do more now than employ oil as blackmail against Europe, and any Eurasion country that wants to join NATO. That is what is scary, and Cafferty fully missed it.

Don't you just love it when the news media or those who write letters to the news media lambasting say the Democrats for "standing on principle" when it comes to drilling for oil? The Dems are in political trouble, so say some of the writers if they don't cave in to off-shore drilling. Then when they do compromise, they can be attacked again, by the news media itself, for listening to the people. Such as was heard on Lou Dobbs.

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