Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If there was a hypocritical moment...

Reading the letters to the editor that the Spokesman-Review publishes can get sometimes very hilarious. Since Sarah Palin became McCain's choice of running mate, there have been inevitably broadsides against McCain's choice and of course whining about how that is so unfair coming from the other side. Or, how Palin is "frightening" everyone. From Anita Perry:

Palin critique hypocritical

Liberal columnist Froma Harrop's editorial ("Palin's politics drag down ticket," Sep. 5)was a window into the state of fear now rampant among the left as she unleashed her train of venom against Sarah Palin.
Pardon me, but no one was exactly arguing a "state of fear" of say Senator Barack H. Obama as many an author of letters to the editors, editorials, blogs, commenters unleashed a "train of venom" in his direction. Pardon me point 2. but if the batch of crap that can be dished out for a presidential candidate because he happens to be a junior Senator, African-American and a Democrat, well, then the Republican Veep choice can definitely get the same treatment. Agreed?

Continuing on with this interesting letter:
First, describing Palin's daughter as "looking stupid and defiant as she held mom's fifth baby" at the convention and then inexplicably calling the whole family "dysfunctional," she also questions Palin as a mother because she went right back to work after having her latest baby.
You will note that earlier in the letter this same author was shrilly calling Harrop liberal? I can't think of anything more liberal than agreeing it is quite all right to resume the affairs of state after having a Downs Syndrome baby. Any other mother would take some time to stay with her child, that is why we have family leave. And yes I would actually question mom at this time. So, turning the reins over to say a Lt. Governor would surely not break the state of Alaska, would it? Which makes the argument right there that I highly doubt Palin "as a mom" even relates to most working moms. She doesn't have time for Trig. Being a governor is too important. Most women, esp. if they had a special needs child, would put that child first.
As an example of a perfect mother of five, she points to Nancy Pelosi, who "waited until (her children) were grown before she ran for high public office." (There is a reason for that, of course, because generally people don't become a lobbyist before age 21.)
With an implied argument of nepotism. Which says a lot about how much Ms. Perry knows about the workings of Washington, DC? A son of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice can easily find his way into the GW administration, then applies a broad "morals" brush on any network that shows a flash of a "Wardrobe malfunction." And ultimately, the fines the very same dude seeks to impose, in the millions of dollars, gets overturned on appeal. Oh, but you see, now we are discussing the GOP, can't have that!

Ms. Perry's letter concludes with a whine about name calling of "conservatives" by the left. Uh, and the self-described "conservatives" have done plenty of name calling. If you can't take it, don't dish it out. "...or decrying the fact that a 17 year old had premarital sex." Excuse me? The Anita Perrys of this world had no problem decrying the fact that 17 year old kids had premarital sex. Only because Palin is a GOP Governor, now that discussion should be off limits.

I have more fun now with the newly minted feminists and liberals among the GOP than I ever did before. And here is the last zinger. Palin is basically lauded as some sort of super woman. As a woman who can relate to moms everywhere. Oh? Given Perry's argument, Palin does not now and never will relate to moms everywhere. Because most moms, when facing the facts of a sick kid, would have seen to that child's needs. Most moms, when facing a consequence indeed an embarrassment of a pregnant 17 year old kid, would not choose to exploit that child to some political advantage. Yeah? Conservative, huh? Try going over the top new left radical.

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