Monday, September 22, 2008

The Market Meltdown

It seems to me that in the political fall out of the Wall Street meltdown that McCain has suddenly decided that he is running against Washington, or in charge of Congress, or indeed, thinking he is already president. So that he "encourages" Congress to pass a plan to strictly benefit Wall Street, the way Henry Paulson originally wanted it. On the other hand, the Democrats aren't so sure that giving a blank check and a free rein to the same Wall Street firms that are currently going belly up without over sight, is such a good idea. And Senator Obama had himself made the argument that Main street could use a helping hand. Was McCain thinking in terms of Main Street when he lashed out at Obama this Monday morning? No. Obama was suddenly everything that had ever gone wrong on Wall Street, everything that could prove problematic in the Washington culture of corruption... Problem is, Obama hasn't been in Washington, D.C. for long enough to be that greatly influenced or to influence. That is, he is a Junior Senator from Illinois. Seeing a McCain ad, Obama has any number of guilt by associations even when that would be quite a stretch. CNN challenged in particular the McCain ad that made these claims. For a change, and it is a positive change, they did call into question the short falls of the McCain campaign. That was more than they had done in all of 2004 and 2006. As for the "guilt with association" with Tony Rezko, CNN admits that the developer wasn't under investigation when he sold some land to Obama. Trying to create a retroactive problem for Obama through an ad that leaves out all mitigating factors, well, it is more than negative. It is asking the voter to become judge, jury and executioner of one's opponent. It is also saying that McCain is very worried that he will not make it to the White House despite Palin. So, he flails, jabs and fails to be presidential. Nor does he speak the truth, nor are his ads "straight talk." Whereby Donna Brazile challenged McCain on "immigration reform" who once praised Obama (in the Senate) for the positions he took on the issue and has (for the purpose of the campaign trail) since denounced him. That does sound like a fellow who jumps mindlessly on every bandwagon trying to get votes. The ultimate in pander politics. But we all know where McCain stood on immigration reform, don't we? Illegal aliens should attain citizenship, "guest workers" should take American jobs. That's not being for the working class, is it now?

Cafferty files, McCain owns 13 cars and should that be a big issue. My answer is yes, it is just as important as any other issue on this campaign. McCain can afford, because of his rich wife to gas up and use 13 cars. I can't afford to gas up my gas friendly Isuzu on the price of gas these days. Yet another revelation of "elitism." Any time McCain says how "elitist" Obama is, thinking about those cars and houses McCain has, that looks like a case of projection. Cafferty acknowledges, that Obama has only one. Looks more and more like Obama is far more Joe Sixpack than McCain will ever be.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Only one car is in McCain's name and it is a Cadillac.

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

Yeah, and Cindy owns the rest of all 12. So, what does mega millions C. McCain need with 13 cars? If McCain wants to claim to be a Joe Sixpack who can appeal to Joe Sixpack voters, 13 cars known to be owned by his family isn't exactly the way to demonstrate it. About the same argument that was used against Senator Kerry. But, the houses and cars owned, were his wife's. If it was an issue in Kerry's time, it should be more than a laugh line in McCain's.