Friday, October 24, 2008

Embellishing his record

He's a young Lieutenant sitting in his plane on the flight deck of the U.S.S Enterprise, ready to bomb a target in Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis. We came this close, so Senator McCain claims better than 40 years later, to a nuclear war. He was "tested" while sitting on that flight deck, waiting for orders to carry out a bombing run. But the bombing run was never carried out. What Senator McCain neglects to mention, was that negotiations between Kennedy and Kruschev kept a nuclear war from happening. There is no question that McCain was tested as a member of the U. S. Military. He was tested as a POW in Vietnam. But at no time in his life was he tested in the diplomatic arena as a member of the U.S. Military or as a member of U.S. Senate. Beyond engaging in the usual congressional junkets, visiting the troops or foreign leaders, does not provide a sufficient presidential resume no matter how long you served in Congress. No matter what Cal Thomas has to say about it. What McCain also neglects to mention, that Obama probably has better diplomatic skills than he by having been a community organizer. I also fail to to find much "tested leadership" when the McCain campaign jeeringly dismissed community organizational skills, apparently having no idea how tough a job that can be. A leader would sit down and learn a few things before being dismissive of something he is ignorant of. So how would that translate on the world stage?

In truth, it has been debated that Senators even have what it takes to be president. Which McCain likely understands that very well. Which is why McCain seems to run against his own Senate career before running on it.

When even Alex Castellanos wants McCain to have a consistent big message, to address big issues. Rather than reduce his campaign to the petty and the small. Then there is no question, that if and should McCain loses the election, he will have only himself to blame.

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Dogwalkmusings said...

McCain has been on the "I've been tested " kick quite a bit lately. Funny. Hillary tried it and it didn't work.