Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Locking up the bigot vote

It was yesterday, Rick Sanchez was on CNN, the last hour of the Newsroom. There was a telling video of a McCain/Palin rally in which a county sheriff got up on stage yelled out Barack HUSSEIN Obama saluted the crowd, and soon after, the so called rally turned into a slug fest between Palin supporters and the news media, and the Palin supporters were shouting racial slurs. Shouldn't this shame an honest to goodness Conservative? Shouldn't this shame anyone who has supported the GOP big tent philosophy? Didn't the GOP hope to attract minorities to its base? Yet, the bigots were out in force yesterday, whipped up in a frothing mass of fury by Palin as attack ad trying to make Obama look like a terrorist owing solely to his sometimes associations of people with questionable histories. Then again, if anyone would like to recall the Carlyle group of which GW's father was a member, and among the Carlyle group was only the bin Laden family themselves... Then one way or another, GW has his own questionable associations. The bin Laden family could indeed make the Bush family "look like terrorists." Following Palin's logic. Even worse, McCain wants to succeed GW, right? John W. Dean wrote "Worse than Nixon" and "Conservatives without a conscious." I expect that Dean should know what he is talking about when it came to Nixon. And when he can say of G.W. that he is actually worse than his old boss, then, that is very telling. Dean himself informs his readers about the bin Laden and Bush connection to the Carlyle group. And while I'll assume that Bush the dad has since quit the membership; it may also have lay behind why the bin Laden family could leave the country soon after 9/11/2001 along with over a hundred other Saudi citizens. Even before (Vanity Fair) other domestic flights and international flights could resume, Saudi citizens including the bin Laden family, could leave the nation. Wouldn't that make GW far more iffy a prospect as president as opposed to now Professor Ayers serving on two educational boards with Obama. Or Ayers holding a coffee for Obama as he began campaigning for the Illinois state legislature. Amazingly enough, the GOP never took to task GW for letting the family of a terrorist leave the nation, nor took to task a president who wanted to shelter Saudi Arabia from any accountability for having 15 of the 19 hijackers calling Saudi Arabia home. Yet, Obama as a child, who had nothing to do with Ayers' radicalism, and only meets him after he becomes a college professor, can be "known by the company he keeps." That being so, then the same stain and soiling should be applied to Palin: Alaskan secessionist movement, extremist anti-abortionists, McCain: Keating 5 as they seem to think should be applied to Obama.

I only saw highlights of the debate last night after I got home from work. I saw highlights from the debate this morning when I turned on CNN. Here was a telling argument from McCain, a man who "stands on his record" after he spent the last several weeks, especially after the Republican convention, literally running from it. Must be why the "voter impressions" of John McCain didn't budge before last night's debate or afterwards. But the voter impression of Obama did, and into even more positive territory. What does that say? McCain expressed pure loathing for Obama last night. When it came to an energy policy that GW wanted pushed through Congress, who voted for it? "That one." Not Senator Obama, not Barack H. Obama. Let us not actually recognize that he is a fellow politician who is also running for the highest office in the land, he is "that one" who voted for this "loathsome" energy policy (not me). Well, for such an energy policy to have gained passage into law, it would have required Democratic support. Now how would it have gained Democratic support if in fact there weren't Republicans reaching across the aisle to get that support? Suddenly, McCain is no longer that bipartisan uniter as he had proclaimed himself to be not so long ago. Now he is a partisan who can't be bothered with even naming his opponent. Instead of McCain or Palin asking, who is the real Barack Obama, McCain should set the "straight talk express" back on its wheels and inform people about who is in fact the real John McCain. We aren't that many weeks from an election folks. And while the post debate analysts were more than happy to not probe too deeply a major flaw in McCain's character, yet it was still glaring, and of far further concern than the company Barack Obama ever kept in the past. A presidential candidate who refers to his opponent, on the same stage with him as "that one," is a bigot down to the bottom of his soul. And yes, without a doubt, his "base" will comprise bigots just like him. Didn't we have a black period in this nation where bigots did run amok? Do we need another?

On "A Matter of Opinion," a Spokesman-Review blog, "Margaret" a commenter was informed of a Palin rally turned ugly. She was prepared to argue that bigots don't speak for conservatives. Sounds like a good idea. But neither should conservatives talk an ugly mouth toward supporters of an opposing ticket and at the same time try to paint that opposing ticket as "the scary other." Because of who the man is: Obama. Or even because of who his father was: A Kenyan. To put it bluntly, the company one keeps wasn't really an election year issue until a credible African-American began running for president. Then it became an issue for Senator Clinton, just as (plagiarism here) it has now become a campaign issue for McCain/Palin. Well then, what about the company that Christ kept? Didn't he work among sinners? Didn't he save a prostitute from getting stoned to death? Didn't he keep company with the poor and the sick, the demented? If Christ were running for president as a Democrat, then the company he kept would be an issue. Worse, because he represents a minority, a Jew. Right?

Yesterday, we saw the bigot vote make a violent appearance. We saw its characterization in how McCain treated his opponent. Now we see another aspect of the bigot vote, Palin telling a protester that her son was serving in Iraq right now so that he could be free to protest. My response to the snarky little bitch (and I stand by that) I served in Germany during the Cold War so that she could come out on the campaign trail and politically exploit her son's service in Iraq. Obama doesn't have family members in Iraq. But by contrast, there were hecklers in the crowd that started to boo him, his supporters started to shout them down, and Obama reminded all present that everyone is entitled to their opinions because this was after all a democracy. There were no more boos from the hecklers right after that. Too bad that Palin forgot what sort of country she is running for the veep spot of.

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Palin isn't running for the country. Both she and McCain are running for the power.