Sunday, November 2, 2008

Press... Letters, we have stupid letters

Shirley Smith seems to think that the bible is the answer to Wall Street greed. That we the "me generation" are the reasons for the downfall of the nation. Well, not to mock Ms. Smith, but it looks like God is going to have quite the job ahead of him to set GMC back on its wheels personally and preserve some 10s of millions of jobs. That is, if the company executives get down on their knees and pray for forgiveness. Or, as some of us recognized a long time ago, that American industry left to foreign nations the innovations, the leading edge technology. We no longer created; we just wanted the profits. Now, because we did not compete in a way that would have mattered more, because investments would have been costly; now we have companies, big companies like the American auto industry that may soon go out of business because of the greed of executives over and above thinking of the long term health of their companies. They didn't want to compete, to compete would be costly. To have something actually made in America would prove costly. When people become unemployed as a consequence of businesses no longer following rules of commerce 101, in order to have a commercial transaction, people must have something to buy it with... Eventually, it would be an act of suicide on those very companies that wanted the profits first. I wouldn't claim, in Ms. Smith's case that "me" came first. And greed is as old as biblical scripture.

My answer to Jeanne Sappington who tells us who Obama's "friends" are, by way of terrorists, anti-Americans, etc. Don't look now lady, but Palin only spoke lovingly to an Anti-American group of people before she took up a position as McCain's running mate, the Alaskan Independence Party. As for McCain, understood the dude actually got endorsed by an Al Qaeda guy.

Joan Kinsebom is obviously anti-abortion. But operates on the presumption that one scripture dictates an entire bible. If a people are righteous, they will not harm a pregnant woman and cause her to deliver prematurely, IE have a miscarriage. But what God says to the unrighteous is that even their children can suffer the consequences. As is spelled out in other scripture. Yes, 9/11/2001 did happen because Muslims had planned all that, Muslim extremists did carry it out. But on the day it happened, and even though GW had plenty of forewarning, he was busy reading "My Pet Goat," to a bunch of grade schoolers. Apparently, the book was more important than preventing some 3,000 deaths, which GW certainly had the power to do, he had been warned for long enough, that he could have acted, and he did not. To date, Kinsebom is more his apologist than being willing to hold him accountable. Those others, the liberals, can be held accountable for ideological differences.

If you are C & M Shipp, then no, you don't like the idea of taxes that presumably takes out of your pocket and puts into the hands of the undeserving. Jesus, in your world view, would not rob Peter to pay Paul. Hate to have to break it to this couple (?), but God's original premise for endorsing taxes was to literally pay for the gvt that the people wanted set over them. One of the purposes of the Bill of Rights is to have the gvt there when you think you need it. But in the process of demanding that gvt answer your very whim, it takes money. Some Peter's pocket is going to get picked to help some undeserving Paul. Whether Paul is in this case, the impoverished, to the church, to the business interest...

And reading Robert H. Collett's argument that Jesus never taught the Marxist version of "socialism." I am sure that he did not. Because they would never have met. Nor have I seen any Christ style argument that gvt must demand monies from people to "spread the wealth around." However, see above. The gvt has been in the process of spreading the wealth around for some decades now, and GW has been among those willing and eager to do it. If it wasn't socialism under GW, then it isn't socialism today. I can only wonder if Mr. Collett saw McCain's "health care plan" that would see workplace insurance taxed (to spread the wealth around) and encourage people at the same time to buy private insurance for a tax credit (that must come from someone's pocket to pay for it) that pays for approximately half the insurance. What good does that do the 46 million currently uninsured because they can't afford good insurance and those who's insurance doesn't begin to cover the cost of medical care? McCain's answer, is to throw yours and my money at the problem and hopes that takes care of the matter. At one time, the Dems were ranted at for doing the same thing.

Then in the Spokesman-Review, we have the rantings of George A. Bratina who declares that Obama can't fix the human condition and explains how... Well, is Mr. Bratina anti-abortion? Then he, along with McCain/Palin think they can fix the human condition. Did Mr. Bratina ever listen closely to McCain saying how he can personally bring about the force of gvt to get Wall Street and America started all over again. After decrying Obama saying much the same thing. And finally, on CNN, someone finally declares what no one else publicly would have said, that the matters of private enterprise, inclusive of Wall Street are not under McCain's control, he can't do anything about its failures or successes. If McCain wanted to run for the private sector, then he should have left office years before and done just that. In Bratina's case, wrong target. Don Graham could have substituted McCain's own economic plans and come up with the same answer. McCain also has questionable associations and an equally questionable record. One that he often questions himself. And apparently, Paul G. Swanson seems to think it is a good idea if gvt under a McCain administration provides "economic fairness," but not under Obama, who's ideas of economic fairness are so much bread and circuses.

Quite frankly, I fail to find anything conservative about McCain, or less gvt is the answer in any of the above letters.

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