Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comedian for Congress

According to news reports, source—Spokesman-Review, it looks like comedian Al Franken is going to take his place in Congress. The nail biting recount now has him in the slimmest possible leads, where he is but 48 votes ahead of the incumbent that he seems to have successfully defeated. While the Democrats do not have a veto proof or filibuster proof majority in the Senate, they do have an answer to Rush Limbaugh as well as Karl Rove serving there. The author of "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot" will have the poor fellow stewing and fretting over fresh meat on his live radio talk show. Well, I expect that we ought to have a comedian in the Senate given the joke we had to endure in the White House for all of 8 years.

The Governor Blagojevich problem that never seems to go away. It has been weeks now since Gov. Blago was initially arrested on corruption charges, weeks since U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald told the public that he found no entangling and criminal associations between team Obama and Gov. Blago's office over the purported sale of Obama's vacated Senate seat. And Obama himself wanted an internal review done (no doubt as a reasurrance to voters as to his own transparency) as to what actual contacts if any, any of his team might have with the Illinois gov at any time. But while CNN especially Anderson Cooper 360° was prepared to treat such an internal review with mockery and even scorn (well excuse me, but isn't this what they wanted?), Ed Henry did manage a bit of candor; hearkening back to Fitzgerald's on the record statements of earlier in December. There is no there, there.

I guess the CNN producers and crew can't get over the fact that giving such an easy pass to McCain, refusing to second guess, dissect or deconstruct his every comment and past association; did not ultimately lead to the favored son, McCain winning the presidency after all; and so they must bite Obama on the ass at every turn, even when they have no news story to do it with. It reminds me of CNN airing tapes that were acquired illegally and used as a witness against Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky came across as the pouting ninny who didn't like the idea that ultimately Bill didn't continue their affair and said it was over. But nowhere on those tapes did you hear Ms. Lewinsky being "victimized." Or the tone would have been very different. If the intent of the tapes were, to inform the public about Clinton's "sexual history," that of course would be true. But as it would pertain to a sexual harassment case that Judge Wilbur-Wright proclaimed lacked the necessary evidence to go to trial? That it would not offer. As to putting a man on federal trial for lying to the court? CNN airing the tape at all bollixed up any court case that might have legitimately existed. It was all about politics, even coming from what was supposed to be a 24/7 news channel and not a recognition of the law.

The law says that Gov. Blago is the center of the fiasco he made of his own office. The burden of guilt or innocence lies on the man who is centrally accused of doing the dirty after 4 years of intense scrutiny by federal prosecutors. But not Senator now President elect Obama. Had the federal prosecutors gone after Obama, he would have been forced out of the running for the office of the presidency early on. If CNN has a problem in not being able to recognize the obvious, then just how trusted are they as a news service?

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