Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama as anti-Christ? LOL!

I guess I really did not much get it when various news magazines featured pure hatred by some fringe lunacy groups such as the Evangelical new left re whether they deemed then Senator and now President Barack H. Obama as the anti-Christ. That is, until I watched the History International channel that featured what Christians thought the anti-Christ was down through the ages. Or more precisely, what they wanted to define him as being down through the ages. So let me take a guess here that principally, the anti-Christ is an espouser of false doctrine. Those who follow him are presumably not accepting the one true path of faith as per the bible. At least, according to some biblical scholars. According to fantasy and general fiction writers among the Evangelical new left, such as Hal Lindsey, and the dudes who wrote the "Left Behind" series now treated as "gospel truth;" the anti-Christ becomes this man of pure evil, tyranny and ultimate war who first disguises himself as a loving man of peace. And such is his charisma, that the people willingly follow and therefore to their doom. That through him, he becomes a principle power that gains control of the entire world. A man who persecutes and tortures and is responsible for the deaths of many thousands of people. Basically, the "Left Behind" authors want to portray a liar. A fellow who cunningly puts on a false face until the real mask is torn off, and to the horrors of those who survive and even attempt to defy him.

But, I do have a question here, why Obama?

Then think about this, Obama does not make the argument that he is perfect, that he won't make mistakes. Given his Chicago political history, I am also certain that Obama makes no pretense to being a saint. Therefore, as honest a man as any politician can be. After 8 long years of the Evangelical new left living with a liar, GW, they seem to have a problem with a man being more open, more honest, more transparent—if not completely so—than his predecessor, GW. And as such, the Evangelical new left have a hard time handling that. After spewing pure hatred of Clinton, falling completely silent about the more odious aspects of the GW era and essentially giving him the "dear leader" treatment, they then renew their venom with the next Dem president this nation has since elected. Which says what? If "the beast" who is described as a type of "anti-Christ," who dons the similar appearance to Christ but who speaks as the dragon is the ultimate in liars; then GW more thoroughly fits that bill. And what would a similar appearance to Christ be like? Given "John the Revelator's" initial warnings to the Christian churches, then the fellow who dons a Christ-like aspect but who speaks as a dragon would in reality be a Christian who pushes the sort of false doctrines that trips up even the elite.

What did GW do? If the economy is now in a mess, it is because he happened to be a principle actor in determining that the market place shall have no rules to govern or guide it. In the name of national prosperity, he fostered greed and the nation reaped the consequences of greed. As a consequence of the ruining of the financial aspects that oil the market place and keep it running; GW permitted an even larger expansion of gvt to "save the market place from itself" with an unaccounted for transfer of taxpayer money in a massive bailout. That ultimately did not do what it should have done, freed credit. That being one example of a man intent on duping even his own party as to his intentions, would also make it even harder, a greater obstacle to climb for his successor who must pick up the broken pottery and try to set things aright. That is but one example.

For the world to suddenly love Obama, it is after 8 stupefying years of having to deal with a dude who's charisma and high regard came mostly from a particularly narrow faction in this nation. He was their man after all. He would push their agenda almost exclusively. But for anyone else who did not care to grant GW a "dear leader" status, we were attacked in many diverse ways. Even as GW did (in accordance with "Left Behind" verbal pictorials) bared his fangs and talons early on in his ultimate assent to power. And yet, none of this perturbed the Evangelical new left. And while Israel does not have a new temple, we have seen a machismo war in the Middle East. Iraq became a war of choice because GW wished to flex the national muscle to show the rest of the world that yes, he can do this. But when he did do this, he also broke the back of the nation that can be rendered more vulnerable that lacks the means of fighting future wars through a lack of financing, and the resources because of gargantuan indebtedness. If Evangelicals wish to see Obama as the person to fear, well, GW had already set the stage.

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