Saturday, January 10, 2009

While he is still Senator...

AragornCNN took note of the fact that still Senator Joe Biden took a trip to Pakistan at the same time that terrorists struck Lahore some many miles away. CNN didn't say that the Vice President elect was lucky that the terrorists didn't strike in the area that he was visiting, rather, Wolf Blitzer and his cadre were wringing hands over Biden possibly stepping on the toes of the not yet confirmed Sec. of State. Biden had not resigned his Senate seat, he can surely have that goodwill tour if he desires. When he does resign his seat and is sworn in as Veep, then it will be up to the Sec. of State to carry out foreign policy orders for the new administration. So how is it that Biden has stepped on anyone's toes when the new administration won't have its full day of work cut out for them until 21 January 2009?

Biden might be cutting a fine line line here, but he is still within his privilege as a Senator to do what he wishes until he assumes a new office.

What was even more amazing was that CNN would go to all this trouble nitpicking, second guessing, deconstructing every move that Biden or even Obama might make before they assume their new roles on 20 January 2009. They did this where a Democratic administration is concerned as they weren't prepared to where an incoming Republican administration was concerned. Instead, watching CNN during the waning days of the Clinton administration, you didn't hear a word about what GW might be doing, what Cheney might be doing, or even what their nominees for various cabinet positions and etc. were doing. They were off the MSM radar and basically invisible. After GW's inauguration, it was as though Clinton never left office, it was 24/7 ragging on the former Prez for the next few months. I shall assume that the spectacle of seeing a duly elected president being removed from office on matters not involving high crimes and misdemeanors being otherwise denied to the MSM, they had to content themselves with broiling Clinton over hot coals. But they mostly gave GW a free pass.

Did someone forget to tell these dudes at the anchor desks and as talk show hosts that there was in fact a new president in town and that really, you should be covering him instead?

Now, it is as though there never was a Bush presidency, Sec. of State Condi Rice is on the job until 20 January 2009. Biden's trip to Pakistan with a Senate collegue did not step on her toes.

And I have to shake my head at the kind of thinking that had the MSM watchdogs basically sleeping when an enemy was at the door then rousing to bark, bark, bark, howl and gnash their teeth at the people who's interests they were supposed to be guarding. Then dozed away as the robber entered the house... Then barked and tried to bite as the cop tried to arrest the robber. In short, they don't have any objective priorities to work with.

Which leads also to this, Governor Sarah Palin was on the news bashing at the news for being "unfair" to her and her family. CNN wants to find out what sort of background Palin has and it makes the McCain camp supremely uncomfy at even a mild investigation. Palin drops the ball on giving intelligent answers during the Couric interview and somehow Couric is now to blame. Tammy Faye only does what any comedian will, recognizes foibles and acts on them. But suddenly, Faye is to blame for why Palin is not now Veep elect. Seems like CNN is all about showing this whiner general sympathy. But here is some news from a Republican to this radical think guv. If you were a Democrat who vied for a spot on the Obama ticket, are you so sure that you would have been his choice, considering that your best foreign policy response was to be next door to Russia? I highly doubt it. And had you actually won a spot on the Democratic ticket, you would have been an even bigger embarrassment to Obama given your family background than you even were to McCain. As the radical think among the religious activists wouldn't have been quite so prepared to forgive you having a daughter who is out of wedlock pregnant. After all, what can one expect from those lacking in morals Dems, anyway? And Fox News, that was quick to go ballistic over Clinton as Dem would be prez, was more than charitable to yourself, and only because you have a R behind your name. So who are you kidding?

At least the best political teams that Blitzer tends to host weren't quite so sympathetic to the whiner. But then, they did know a few things, didn't they?

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