Sunday, March 25, 2007

Let us continue to hammer away at old news

Dave Oliveria of the Spokesman-Review ( got on his high horse about the "conservatives" over-reacting to what Professor Bryan of North Idaho College had said. How Linda Cook who got the major uproar started because she couldn't handle the professor's remarks, then went on to denounce the attacks of her fellow Republicans. And finally, Oliveria sobbed and whined about how badly Helen Chenoweth-Hage got mistreated after she died in a car accident.

Far be it from me to speak any more ill of the dead than radical Chenoweth managed to make public in her lifetime. "My little Indians?" Salmon comes in cans? Prepared to ratchet up the fear of "black helicopters" coming from the U.N. just because some local anti-U.N. conspiracy nuts expressed an absolute terror of them in the first place. A very remarkable and I should add, vicious history on the part of this elected nut case. So, she gets hammered by Daily Kos ( after she died in that accident. Wouldn't surprise me any, that Bill Clinton would eventually get exhumed from his future grave and horsewhipped for the sins of the GOP. But then Oliveria lets his biases show greatly here.

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