Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Michael Barone attacks

Anastasia. Good shot from the web

There is one thing to be said about Michael Barone, he'll go on the rampage over Al Gore's history of being an "Old Testament Prophet" as some kind of indictment that if Gore was a Republican, would probably be a virtue. I don't get into environmental arguments much. This is what I will say, pollution that affects people's health and their food supply is a dangerous thing. Barone's tirade doesn't take that into consideration. No, he'd rather project onto Gore the current faults of the Bush administration. which most certainly has twisted both science and history.

A note on Susan Estrich. Barack Obama can defend Palestinians as he chooses and discuss at length how they "suffer." But, if I voted for Obama in 2008, I'd have to ignore his naivety with respect to the Palestinians who so hated the fact that a Jewish state could exist in their midst that they started a wave a violence that continues to this day. 6 decades worth of violence from terrorism to jihad. If the Palestinians "suffer" now, they have brought it on themselves.

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