Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pet food gone wild.

I remember when Thomas Sowell was fully of the opinion that we should in fact out source everything even to the food we eat.

Problem with that theory is what is now happening to dozens of now dead pets as a result of outsourcing food supplies. Everything from rat poison to plastics as a basis of fertilizer. The last was imported from no less than China. Imagine that, what is currently sold at an astronomical price such as Iams as a presumably premium pet food, is made as cheaply as possible from foreign sources that don't employ quality control. The very same quality control that businesses found so burdensome mind you that they engaged in deregulation fever and outsourced to other countries what they couldn't hope to escape here. Like environmental protection policies and banned fertilizers because of how its made. Yep, Iams is a pet food, dried that costs for a good size bag, in the $20.00 something range. The current vet bills for the pet owners, ranges now, far higher than that. All for trying to create "quality" on the cheap.

So, from pet food to your food?

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