Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Charles Haynes defends constitutional rights

Charles Haynes heads or represents the First Amendment Foundation. There has been time when I found it rather necessary to disagree with the fellow. That is, when he defended the people who have no desire to defend anyone beyond their own narrow interests. Christians: for example. Without a doubt, Christians have the freedom to worship. They simply have a problem with the idea, that anyone else has a right to worship.

Republished in the Spokesman-Review of 3 April 2007 editorial pages, Haynes now goes on record defending the rights of the Wicca to practice their beliefs in the military and in any other area of business or public life. Now that is what I call brave. I am a Druid (a type of Wiccan) who also served in the military. I have been at this belief since I have been 16 years of age. I make no apologies for deciding that Christianity is not for me. And given Christianity's problems with their non-Christian neighbors, precisely the problems Christians give to their non-Christian neighbors, Christianity has ceased to be a viable belief the moment a minority religion such as Wicca can be a faster growing belief
than Christianity itself. That could be the real problem. Wicca as competition.

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