Friday, April 6, 2007

The "Chocolate Jesus" revisited.

Andy Borowitz ( also gets published in the Pacific Northwest Inlander. A Spokane, Washington weekly "free paper." Mr. Borowitz weighed in on the "Chocolate Jesus" controversy with his typical sense of excellent humor. An excerpt: "Stung by criticism from the Catholic League a Manhattan art gallery that had planned to exhibit a 6-foot-tall sculpture of Jesus announced plans today to replace the statue with a 6-foot-tall chocolate statue of Satan." That is hilarious. That is in fact far more useful than Donohue's ranting about the "anatomically correct" chocolate Jesus in the first place with the intent that such an "offensive" statue should never be displayed.

Now, what would Jesus have done? In New Testament scripture, if a man hits you on the cheek, turn the other one... Jesus portrayed in chocolate would simply have the real thing saying, "love even your enemies, pray for those who persecute you." Which puts Donohue decidedly on the wrong side of scripture.

Thus, the description of extremism. Forgiveness is not possible. Love is no longer tolerable. Extremist thoughts (women who have abortions can be equated with Jezebel, doctors can be shot by fetuses in the womb "as a cartoon" and circulated by direct mail and the internet) can make violence possible. Violence as an act of ultimate intimidation to end a belief or practice that is absolutely opposed (Muslims attacking European embassies because of cartoon caricatures of the prophet, anti-abortionists of the most extreme sort attacking property and killing doctors). In a previous post, I suggested that Donohue could have firebombed the building where the display of the chocolate Jesus was to be set up. If his "criticism" turned to the sort of hatred that would lead to that sort of violence. I stand by what I previously said. If Donohue has a problem reading scripture and failing to grasp the words of peace, love and forgiveness; where would his "criticisms" eventually lead? Muslims "critical" of the western world did fly airplanes into buildings.

Remember, Christ taught his followers, turn the other cheek. Christ taught his followers that love included even the "enemy." I highly doubt that Christ would have been nearly as offended by a chocolate depiction of himself, under the circumstances of what he taught, than he might just be by a purported "follower" of his who "takes offense" over issues that Christ would have forgiven. A pity. From taking offense and to what end?

At least read Borowitz and get a very good laugh out of it.

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