Saturday, April 7, 2007

DeWayne Wickham bats 1000

DeWayne Wickham started of his (republished) editorial with a word on GW's reaction to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria. Within his editorial was that very telling argument, "But three Republican congressmen (Representatives) who met with the Syrian leader a couple of days before Pelosi didn't draw any fire from (edited) Beck or Romney (Republican presidential candidate). Maybe that's because, as one of those GOP lawmakers, Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Pitts, told a local newspaper, it was OK for them to go to Syria because they are Republicans. 'We made it very clear in our meetings (with Syrian officials) that we were the same party of the president and we support the administration," Pitts told the newspaper. 'Speaker Pelosi was coming as the opposition leader.'" Hmmm, we push partisan politics as far away as Syria do we?

I'll add a "hmmmm" of my own. Syria is a rogue state that "sponsors terrorism." We officially don't allow business or trade relations with them (companies like Haliburton not with standing). We want them isolated because the government under Bashar al-Assad is a murderous regime (reference Rich Lowry sanctimoniously opining away on the Newshour with Jim Lehrer PBS, 5 April 2007). And therefore Republican congressional representatives can go to Syria and confirm how isolated Syria continues to be. Now then, if House Speaker Pelosi can give President Bashar al-Assad an international recognition. No less than Rep. Joe Pitts as well as his fellow GOP representatives will have done the same thing. But, of course, with full White House approval and to the undoubted amusement of the Syrian officials watching this play ground squabbling of ten year olds. The three GOP representatives, GW Bush, Glenn Beck and Gov. Mitt Romney.

Before we argue "treason;" seems to me that Pitts and his colleagues also have some explaining to do.

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