Wednesday, June 20, 2007

After a life time of journalism...

Seems to me that with Kathleen Parker's latest hysteria regarding the Duke lacrosse players, she never heard of a rape case in her lifetime. When she isn't sniveling and whaling away at the "PC crowd" such as feminists, and etc.; she is blaming former District Attorney Nifong for what will happen to women with "legitimate" rape cases.

For everyone's information; after Clinton faced the Paula Jone's sexual harassment lawsuit that was later to be exploited by Ken Starr and the GOP in Congress in an effort to remove him from office, the Atlantic Monthly had an article about rape and sexual harassment cases where ultimately the woman did not get the justice she deserved even though the evidence was clearly there as to her mistreatment. This was about a decade before the Duke University lacrosse players would get themselves into a highly compromised situation with both booze and a stripper. Yes, the stripper changed her story and yes, there are also good prospects that DNA evidence was mishandled. But that hardly argues that three young men from wealthy and well-connected backgrounds were necessarily poor lambs being led to the slaughter by the news media, and etc. But it does argue that three young men from wealthy families who also happened to be socially well-connected could do to an ambitious prosecutor what Joe Schmuck can't. Namely, prosecute him for daring, daring to bring their sweet little boys to trial over the definitely questionable claims of a stripper.

Oh, Joe Schmuck? Yeah, the evidence might not match in his case either. The witnesses my have contradictory stories to tell about his rape, robbery, murder, assault, etc. indictments. But, Joe Schmuck doesn't have the wealth or the social connections to point out the flaws in the ambitious prosecutor's arguments and evidence and most likely, Joe Schmuck doesn't have the kind of lawyer who can do it for him. So, how many people have been wrongfully prosecuted and the ambitious prosecutor can go on and become Attorney General in his state and face no threat of disbarment? Nifong would seem to be the exception and not the rule. How many people can be wrongfully prosecuted and sent to jail on the basis of truly questionable evidence and testimony because they were simply never wealthy enough to walk on truly flimsy charges.

The reason Ms. Parker doesn't take the above into consideration is solely owing to her own PC blindness. These were wealthy young men who's own questionable behavior should be defended at all costs. Because they are wealthy, they can be treated with greater deference than the Joe Schmucks facing similar circumstances.

So, back to the Atlantic Monthly article where the author disclosed the various rapes and sexual harassment cases. There was a case similar to the one that Ms. Parker described in her editorial dealing with a woman put into a compromised position by getting drunk and then molested while she was lying drunk on the floor. Rape, right? Not according to the judge and jury. The woman who, a definite hundred pounds lighter than the guy who plucked her off the bicycle and took her into the woods and raped her. She was afraid to resist. According to the judge and jury, "she gave consent." The article notes that most often, the judicial system is far more likely to weigh in the favor of the accused man and to give the accusing woman a lot of hell. Which is why women are more likely to endure rape and sexual harassment silently and without reporting it because of the fact that prosecutors may decide to not bring charges based on what? By skewing the evidence on the behalf of the accused. Or even in the face of solid evidence, cases brought to court have judges and juries turning the accused into a victim and the accuser into some "bitch" who couldn't get enough of it until she could hoist the poor SOB up on his own petard and then hang him out to dry. Long before Nifong, this was the case. Nifong doesn't exactly have a legacy to build on that because of him... women with legitimate rape cases won't see their day in court. No, women aren't any more likely to see their day in court, post Nifong than they did long before the guy was even born.

Pity that Ms. Parker never took it upon herself to research that before opening mouth and showing us what real PC is all about.

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