Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is it praise or damn?

Glenn McCoy goes for every possible opportunity to target Democrats; an incident in Florida where a student began "asking questions" then became increasingly unruly and belligerant to the point where the cops were called in and the student then resisted arrest and was tasered. So, presumptively, Ms. Kerry is chiding her husband over breakfast about the incident and her husband shows her what sort of wife abuser he is. McCoy goes from nasty to beyond shrill. Exactly who called in the cops? And was the student also heckling the Democratic senator because Florida votes GOP? And didn't the student call the cops "Bro?" "Don't taze me bro?" Seems the school administration had more to say about what should or should not have happened in that particular school. And they did invite Kerry as a guest speaker. So why does McCoy seem to go off the deep end and seemingly accuse the Senator for a situation that was entirely in the hands of the school administration? Why go further and attack him as a presumed wife beater? Because McCoy has an increasingly nasty mind. (Republished the Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Washington; 20 September 2007)

Then we turn to the letter in the Roundtable written by Travis G. Musengo, who refers to the Florida incident as a violation of the student's rights. Perhaps. By comparison, Clinton was probably far more of a gentleman that he did not demand the cops get called in everytime he was verbally attacked and humiliated in front of large crowds. However, GW and the GOP began the trend of removing the troublemakers from their immediate sight. And the author was correct to point it out.

The letter: Politicians ignore Constitution

The incident in Florida where a student was Tasered for "resisting arrest," after asking John Kerry tough questions, really disgusted me. How can a person resist arrest when the reason he is being detained is completely unconstitutional? I guess people in D.C. clearly can't be bothered with the plights of the little people or answering to the general public. Bush is the same (emphasis added) with those cute little "free speech zones." Anyone who speaks outside of the authoritarian rules of engagement gets arrested and even physically harmed.

Remember those evil protesters on the Fourth of July (referring to an incident of self-described anarchists who battled with Spokane police in a local park in Washington state)? The ones that turned out to be teenagers who simply wanted their voice known? I guess they all needed to be arrested as well. It's time to wake up, America. The constitutional rights we think we have are quickly leaving us. Our rights to assemble and speak freely have all but disappeared.

It's time to write, call, e-mail or go in person to our elected leaders (both local and national) and tell them what you think of them. Incompetent leadership deserves to know it. After all, you can only Tasered, arrested, shot, tortured or stuck in a dark cell on foreign soil, right?

Travis G. Musengo

The last part of that letter was a direct slap at GW. So why doesn't McCoy show the same nastiness toward GW that he has generally dished out liberally to the Democrats? What would have happened if Kerry had told the cops to lay off the student? What nasty attributes would McCoy have attributed to him then?
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