Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yet more praise for Baird

At least Tom Koenninger editor emeritus of the Columbian does write something a bit more thoughtful when it comes to Rep. Brian Baird, a Democrat agreeing almost completely with GW about the war in Iraq. Only talking to those soldiers who can truly puff up his made up mind on the issue and buttress his position. But then, the soldiers also heard all of GW's spin about what would happen in the future as opposed to it already happening yesterday. So, how do you "finish the job" when you've already lost? IE, the chaos has already happened, the U.S. Military has not prevented Iraqi on Iraqi deaths. Nor has the Iraqi government. That is the definition of already having lost what GW sent in the military to achieve.

Baird fears that Al Qaeda will retaliate only if we leave Iraq. Oh? Seems they already have and yes, we are still in Iraq. If there is a reason why Baird makes the same arguments that GW does in order to get praise for it, perhaps it is political? To deepen a slender Democratic majority? But is it honest? Checking the facts with such reporters as Michael Ware, not really.

Appearing on, "The Daily Show with John Stewart," former General and Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark discussed his book, "A time to lead." It is what he had to say about the truly bad situation in Iraq that suggests Baird doesn't happen to have an honest set of beliefs to stand up for. How do you "finish the job" for a people who are fully determined to figure out their own future as they are indeed violently inclined to do right now? We still argue from the arrogant presumption that we know what is best for them. But once we removed a brutal regime, didn't we also implicitly invite them to figure out their own future? As cruel as it may sound, troop withdrawal only tells these people that your future really is up to you. Now you no longer have a lid to conceal your religious strife under, can you live in peace or will you truly destroy one another? Removing the troops finally says to these people what sovereignty is all about.

If we fear Al Qaeda who's escapades have since spread to Lebanon and Pakistan, threatened Germany as well as Denmark; why don't we have the priorities in place to effectively deal with a well armed and resurgent movement? Because we are in Iraq. As Jon Stewart discussed with Gen. Clark, it already happened. Not later, some future date, yesterday.

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