Thursday, October 18, 2007

Embarrassment, Part 2.

David Broder, for the first time in a long time, actually had a criticism for GW and for the first time did not come out swinging against the Democratic controlled Congress. "Housing bill gives needed aid," republished in the Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Washington. A brief summary, the Democrats in Congress wish to create a Housing Trust Fund that makes it more possible for people to have homes of their own, indeed, Realtors and home builders are all for it. Uh, yeah, as the housing market begins collapsing, the Housing Trust Fund would help Realtors and home builders unload unsold properties and keep construction companies in the black.

So, such is GW's "pro-business" instincts that he'd do anything on the behalf at least of people who invest tons of money in the buying and selling of real estate and tons of money into buying members of Congress? No? If the beneficiaries are people who make poverty level wages. Who don't begin to "make it" these days unless their income is at least $80,000 at a minimum. At least you can say that GW is consistent here in this much. A housing trust fund that assists the haves and have mores and pushed by the GOP would get signed into law. Just as Medicare "reform" expanded to cover millionaires. Just as EITC was expanded to assist folks making $80k a year. But, if it comes from the Democrats and truly helps people in need, out comes the veto and recommendations for vetoes. In a prior blog, GW attacked the Democrats as not being prepared to legislate. My response, GW vetoes everything he doesn't like. Broder provides further proof.

On the other hand, when the GOP Congress, in the midst of a war, engaged in runaway domestic spending, GW never saw a need to curtail the waste of money. Then again, utilizing a religious objection, GW vetoed stem cell research that might have something useful in curing the ill and disabled. When it comes to aiding Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen who get sent to war, seems they got treated to useful as long as they served as photo ops, not so useful when it came to healing them body and soul. Until Broder's employer, the Washington Post came out with a VA care expose', the fact that the sick and the injured veterans weren't getting proper housing or proper care at Walter Reed Medical Center; GW didn't let such a thing as what you do on the behalf of those injured in war cross his mind. Accept for photo op(portunities). When Walter Reed became an embarrassment to his administration, only then did GW at least make noises about proper medical care for the veterans.

When it comes to government caring for its people, expect GW to wield the veto. Only when it assists the right special interests, only then will GW give it his stamp of approval. And GW, willy-nilly determines who the "right" special interests will be at any time.

Domestically, and even CNN had to take note of this, the GOP now lag (where it concerns presidential fund raising) behind even the Democrats. Read above. The little king in Washington, D.C. who bestows government generosity on the most favored of the minute, can only anger those not on the list. As a consequence, business interests and other special interests aren't going to give to the party where they are treated like aristocrats one day and scum the next. The only objections that I have with Broder's column is that his criticisms weren't harsh enough or went far enough. So, a thought on CNN, Broder admitted that the Housing Trust Fund proposal actually did not get news coverage. But, if CNN were to take a closer look, and began actually drawing lines between the dots, you know being a news source, they'd have a few answers about why GW has become poison for the GOP and can be labeled the worst president in history.

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