Thursday, October 18, 2007

Taking note of the next embarrassment

GW didn't exactly do himself proud when he proceeded to come out swinging about the Democrats. I only caught snippits and bits of what he said but it looked like CNN, for one was all about loving every single moment of it gaging by Tom Foreman's opinion. GW seems to think that the Democratic controlled Congress should pass legislation. Okay, and every time they do, SCHIP being a most recent example, GW has decided he will not like it and vetoes it. Or the GOP minority unites in opposition and guarantees what won't happen. Politics, you see trumping the business of the people. So, while GW is in one hell of a fix as to his inability to truly address preventing the Turkish army from crossing the Iraqi border and going after Kurdish terrorists, he contents himself with bashing easier targets, the Democrats.

Latest CNN poll: Congress 27% GW 30%. Congress actually pulled up in polls from 18% about a month or so back. Again, we seem to have some talking heads on the CNN staff suffering from short term memory loss. GW's poll averages have not again even approached the 40s since November of 2006. Even as the Democratic controlled Congress has bounced around, poll wise, month to month. So, what is there to applaud? GW finds himself in diplomatic or political hot water and has to find a target to wage his bully boy wrath on rather than behave like a president and work his way through small and major crises. I suspect that it is because of GW that has 17 members of the GOP planning on leaving Congress by 2008. After a while, even the elephants get tired of the child they put into office. Even if they don't come out directly and say it. So Congress actually comes up in the polls to nearly match that of GW. Could it be SCHIP? GW's polls drop from about 36% to 30%. Why, because of SCHIP?

The diplomatic hot water? Turkey. The political hot water? SCHIP. Who to blame, everyone else's partisan and special interest politics but not his or that of the GOP. Let's put it bluntly, GW had it very easy with 6 years of GOP who rolled over for him, gave him a free pass no matter how often GW engaged in blatant acts of criminal and ethical behavior. So now, GW wants the Dems to grant him what the GOP have. And goes ballistic when it doesn't happen. I am not about to shed crocodile tears for a two year old in an office too big for him. Ultimately, GW will have done more damage to the GOP with all his public and humiliating rants and raves about how "everyone else is to blame" for the problems solely created by GW than even the Larry Craigs will have caused.

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